Volume 4, Number 2 (Spring 2013)


(PDF) Birkholz, PhillipDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering, "Ultra Wideband Synthetic Aperature Radar," Advisor: Dr. Laurie Joiner.

(PDF) Kostencki, Sienna, Department of Biology,  "The Evolution of Detoxification Resistance in the Cactophilic Drosophila mojavensis and Drosophila arizonae," Advisor: Dr. Luciano Matzkin.

(PDF) Massengale, Carmillia, Department of Biology, "A Sociological Look at the Female Athlete Triad," Advisor: Dr. Christina Steidl, Department of Sociology.

(PDF) Patel, Amit, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,  "Phase Locked High Speed Image and Data Acquisition," Advisor: Dr. Robert Frederick.

(PDF) Phillips, Ainsley, College of Nursing,  "Technology as a Nursing Intervention to Enhance Patient Learning: the Impact of Secondary Patient Contact via Email as it Relates to Breast Self-Exam Teaching in Female College Students," Advisor: Dr. Ellise Adams.

(PDF) Swearinger, Justin, Department of Music,  " An Analysis of the 'Concerto for Marimba and Band'," Advisor: Dr. C. David Ragsdale.