Volume 1, Number 1 (Fall 2009)


(PDF) Adrian, Andrew B., Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science. "Several Studies on Dactylogyrus and Their Hosts" Advisor: Dr. Bruce Stallsmith.

(PDF) Fields, Archie L., Departments of English and Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts. "Realism and Anti-Realism in Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy of Science" Advisor: Dr. William Wilkerson.

(PDF) Forsythe, Gregory Wayne., Department of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts. "Containing Iran: Sanctions and the Iranian Nuclear Program" Advisor: Dr. Kathy Hawk.

(PDF) Gutscher, Amberley N., Department of Art, College of Liberal Arts and Department of Marketing, College of Business Administration. "Redefining ‘Green’" Advisor: Mr. Keith Jones.

(PDF) Hampton, Emily J., Department of English, College of Liberal Arts. "Rosalind: Playing Both Sides of Love and Gender in As You Like It"Advisor: Dr. Jeff Nelson.

(PDF) Jordan, Stewart Reeves, Department of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts. "Heidegger the Magic Empiricist" Advisor: Dr. William Wilkerson.

(PDF) Long, Amanda Rose, Department of Management, College of Business Administration. "Significant Ethical Breaches in Modern U.S. Government Contracting and Their Impact on the Current Acquisition Environment" Advisor: Mr. Tom Kallam.