Volume 5, Number 2 (Spring 2014)


(PDF) Adams, LydiaCollege of Nursing, "The Level of 2-Methylbutane and Toluene Exposure in New Buildings: Can Adding Indoor Potted Plants Reduce Exposure?," Advisor: Dr. Anita Amiri.

(PDF) Arnold, KellyDepartment of Psychology, " The Influences of Stereotype Boost/Threat and Personality on Appraisal and Performance on a Verbal Reasoning Task," Advisor: Dr. Aurora Torres.

(PDF) Bail, Jennifer, College of Nursing,  "Preschoolers Perceptions of Food as a Possible Factor Related to Childhood Obesity," Advisor: Dr. Ellise Adams.

(PDF) Dent, Christina, Department of Physics, "Laser Pumped Rubidiam Vapor Polarized," Advisor: Dr. Lingze Duan.

(PDF) Dent, William, Department of Physics, "High Voltage Deuterium Ion Accelerator," Advisor: Dr. Lingze Duan.

(PDF) Gilbert, Tryston, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, "A Case Study on the Impact of Communication Practices on the Productivity of Design Teams," Advisor: Dr. David Lineberry.

(PDF) Meyer, Rebecca, College of Nursing, "A Description of BSN Students' Beliefs About Birth Before and After OB Clinical Rotations," Advisor: Dr. Ellise Adams.

(PDF) Navarro, Jennifer, College of Nursing, "The Effects of Prescribed Nitismone (Orfandin) on the Anxiety Levels of both FAH +/+ and FAH -/- Mice," Advisor:  Dr. Beth Barnby.

(PDF) Nguyen, Vivian, Department of Chemical Engineering, "Design and Validation of Stem-Loop Probes for GeneCapture Pathogen Detecting Device," Advisor: Dr. Krishnan Chittur.

(PDF) O'Brien, Chad, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, "An Investigation on the Haack Series Nose Cones through Subsonic and Supersonic Mach Regimes," Advisor: Dr. David Lineberry.

(PDF) Powell, Adam, Department of Chemistry, "Functional Differentiation of Bacterial Ph1 and Human Pth2: Validation of Pth1 as a Novel Antibiotic Target," Advisor: Dr. Robert McFeeters.

(PDF) Taylor, Kacy, College of Nursing, "Expectation of Patients Arriving in the Emergency Department," Advisor: Dr. Peggy Hays.

(PDF) Thede, Kyle, Department of Communication Arts, "Rockets and Rhetoric: The U.S. Space and Rocket Center and the Principles of Rhetoric Study," Advisor: Dr. Clarke Rountree

(PDF) Torres, Maria, Department of Biological Science, "Regulation of Gene Expression by Nascent Peptides," Advisor: Dr. Luis Cruz-Vera.

(PDF) Vazquez, Kelly, College of Nursing, "Common Indoor Plants and Their Contribution to Clean Air: Does Adding Indoor Plants to New Office or Residential Buildings Reduce the Amount of Acetone and Formaldehyde?," Advisor: Dr. Anita Amiri.

(PDF) Zahran, Ranya, College of Nursing, "The Effects of Prescribed Nitismone (Orfandin) on the Anxiety Levls of both FAH +/+ and FAH -/- Mice," Advisor: Dr. Beth Barnby.