Volume 5, Number 1 (Fall 2013)


(PDF) Baldwin, CassandraDepartment of Psychology, "Transfer of Music-Induced Physiological Arousal to Images," Advisor: Dr. Aurora Torres.

(PDF) Blair, LindseyDepartment of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, " Scaling of MATLAB on High Performance Computing Systems," Advisor: Dr. Jason Cassibry.

(PDF) Bono, Taylor, Department of Biological Science,  "Using Optical Fiber Tips as Biological Nanosensors," Advisor: Dr. Debra Moriarity.

(PDF) Ciliax, Robyn, Department of Computer Engineering, "An Analysis of Twenty Statements Test Results from Children of Bonaire Self Perceptions," Advisor: Dr. Sandra Carpenter.

(PDF) Cosby, Whitney, Department of Sociology, "What Green Consumption Means for the American Environmental Movement: The Consequences of Inverted Quarantine," Advisor: Dr. Kyle Knight.

(PDF) Jordan, Joanna, Department of Civil Engineering, "A Strategic Look at Constructed Wetlands in Urbanized Areas," Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Leonard.

(PDF) King, Rachel, Department of Philosophy, "The Cage of Reason: An Examination of the Epistemological Parameters of Morality, Justice and Freedom," Advisor: Dr. William Wilkerson.

(PDF) Kolasinski, Katy, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, "Optimum Antenna Design for Microplasma Generation," Advisor:  Dr. Gabe Xu.

(PDF) Machemer, Andrew, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, "Analysis and Outreach Results of a Mobile Wind Tunnel STEM Tool," Advisor: Dr. Christina Carmen.

(PDF) Nicholas, Deanna, Department of Psychology, "Poverty, Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Homicide," Advisor: Dr. Sandra Carpenter.

(PDF) Sullivan, Jonathan, Department of Biological Science, "Variation in Chemosensory Behavior in Ecologically Divergent Populations of the Cactophilic Drosophila mojavensis," Advisor: Dr. Luciano Matzkin.

(PDF) Vincent, Julie, Nursing, "Increasing Awareness of Weight Management Resources Using Facility Specific Patient Materials," Advisor: Dr. Louise O'Keefe.