Volume 3, Number 2 (Spring 2012)


(PDF) Alsbrook, Diana, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept., "A Preliminary Study on the Development of an Engineering Solution to Low Back Pain in Nurses." Advisor: Dr. Dawn Bardot.

(PDF) Brown, Mallory, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept., "SEgmented Robotic Platform for Exploration, seNsor Transport and Sampling (SERPENTS)." Advisor: Dr. Christina Carmen.

(PDF) Bullock, Kayla, Chemical Engineering Dept. and Biological Sciences Dept., "Regulation of Gene Expression by Nascent Peptides." Advisor: Dr. Roger Cruz-Vera.

(PDF) Coates, Kimberly, Physics Dept., "Monitoring Solar Flare-Induced SIDs with Radio Science Instrumentation." Advisors: Dr. Nazirah Jetha and Dr. Linda Krause.

(PDF) Garcia, Kenneth F., History Dept., "Reconstruction Or Reformation: The Conciliar Papacy And Jan Hus Of Bohemia." Advisor: Dr. Andrew Dunar.

(PDF) Hale, Matthew, Philosophy Dept., "Skepticism, Foundationalism, and the Epistemic Regress Problem: Can basic beliefs help to answer the epistemic regress problem?." Advisor: Dr. Andrew Cling.

(PDF 20MB) Hood, Brady, Physics Dept., "Emissions of Quantum Dots Due to Surface Plasmon Enhancement" Advisor: Dr. Seyed Sadeghi.

(PDF) Stanbro, Matthew, Physics Dept., "Hartigan’s Dip Test of Unimodality Applied on Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes." Advisor: Dr. Michael Briggs.