Instructions for Student Authors

1. Each submitted manuscript needs to be approved in writing by the advising faculty member, confirming the originality, correctness, and importance of the manuscript, warranting publication in UAHR. Manuscripts need to include original research, scholarly, or other creative work done by UAHuntsville undergraduate students. Depending on the circumstances, there may be multiple authors, but the lead author should be the student.

2. The layout of the manuscript should be according to the sample file. We provide a Word template and sample file, but you may create your manuscript using any word processing software, as long as it generally follows the format.

3. For Honors students, submission of your Honors Thesis serves as your submission to the journal, but ONLY if you give your permission. For all other submissions, see 5 below. Honors students should follow the submission guidelines on the Honors Thesis.

4. Although there are no strict length or word count limits, we strongly suggest that manuscripts would be no longer than 10,000 words. Significantly longer manuscripts need to obtain approval from the editor. The authors of excessively long manuscripts are therefore encouraged to seek approval before submitting their manuscripts.

5. Undergraduate students who are not in the Honors program may also submit manuscripts to UAHR. Manuscripts may be submitted anytime. Following editorial review, each accepted manuscript is assigned a paper number (for the author to include in the header) before submitting the final paper to the Honors Office by the last day of exam period. Editorial review may also include corrections of typos and misprint, but it is the responsibility of the author and the advising faculty to ensure the manuscript has been proofread. Submit both your .doc (or other word processor) file, and a PDF file to the editor via email. The faculty approval note and the copyright release form are to be submitted as hard copies to the Honors Office. The final paper is to be submitted to the editor electronically (.docx and PDF).