Undergraduate Annals of Honors Research

Volume 1, Number 2 (Spring 2010)


(PDF) Long, Brittany R., College of Nursing. "What Behavioral Effect Does Recess Have on Elementary-age Students Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?" Advisor: Dr. Lynx Carlton McClellan.

(PDF) Meredith, Nathan A., Departments of Chemistry and Mathematics, College of Science. "Molecular Weight Determination of Polymers using Mass Spectrometry, GPC, and NMR Techniques" Advisor: Drs. Bernhard Vogler and Carmen Scholz.

(PDF) Roller, Justin David, Department of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts. "Interest Groups and the 2008 Elections". Advisor: Dr. Andrée Reeves.

(PDF) Thomason, Callie Woodard, Department of Music, College of Liberal Arts, "Sound Healing: An Ancient-Modern Comparison of the Uses of Music and Sound For Therapy". Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Sanders.

(PDF) Wilbourn, Nick, Department of Education, College of Liberal Arts, "Toward Deconstructionist Pedagogy in the Hegemonic Meritocracy". Advisor: Dr. Philip Kovacs.

(PDF) Witcher, Alex M. and Terry, Pam D., College of Nursing. "The Importance of Oral Suction Device Hygiene in the Prevention of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia". Advisor: Dr. Pamela V. O’Neal.