The Honors Mini-Grants will provide up to $300 for research and creative projects that lead to, or a part of, an Honors Student's Capstone Project or Thesis.

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Please note the mini grants and travel awards cannot provide the money up front, but will reimburse expenditures. Students will receive the materials through their project mentor, who will receive reimbursement.

Students must apply for the funds, and their application will be reviewed. Students may use the funds to cover costs, such as disposable/consumable materials for the lab or studio, tools, printing, specialized software, or rental of equipment. Students may not receive funds for any costs associated with living expenses, salary, or for charges incurred for UAH courses.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and awards are made until funds are exhausted.

  • Current, full-time, degree-seeking Honors student in good standing in the Honors College
  • No outstanding disciplinary issues
  • Student must be working under the guidance of a mentor (UAH faculty, research staff, or professional community member) on any scholarly, research, or creative project
  • Student must write the proposal (but it must be reviewed and approved by mentor)
  • Students may receive no more than one Mini Grant during each academic year
  • A one page, single-spaced description of the project. This description must:
    • be understandable to a non-specialist
    • include the project's start and end dates
    • be written by the student; however, the mentor should advise the student and review the application and budget to ensure that all appropriate information is included. The mentor must sign off on the proposal's accuracy and practicality (see below).
    • include an itemized and detailed budget with all figures rounded to the nearest $1. A sample budget and application is available for students to consult. This budget should provide a detailed justification for the requested resources, indicating their relevance and cost. Students are advised to rank expenses based on level of importance to the project (this is important in case the proposal cannot be fully funded). Please note that the Committee expects students to put forward a plan to use the funds as cost-effectively as possible. Students are also expected to see if departmental funds are available and, if available, explain how they will be used.
  • Student's cumulative GPA
  • One letter of support from the faculty/research staff mentor submitted either in hard copy in a signed and sealed envelope or via email to Dean William Wilkerson. The letter should confirm the legitimacy and practicality of the proposed project.
  • Allowable costs include supplies inextricably bound to the conduct of the project.
  • Non-Allowable costs include:
    • any item without an official record of purchase (such as a receipt)
    • items that are available from university resources (e.g., books in the UAH library)
    • printing or binding of honors project paper
    • student or faculty/research staff salary
    • secretarial support
    • expenses associated with completing degree requirements or meeting licensing/certification requirements
    • incentives or gifts
  • Small equipment (books, DVD, hard drive, iPad) can only be considered if it remains the property of UAH at the end of the project (see below). Students may not keep these materials.
  • Copying expenses for research materials may be considered if justified.
  • All requested costs are to be detailed and justified in the budget and budget narrative.
  • This is only for "new" supplies for the project. The Honors College will not reimburse costs already incurred by the department or the student prior to the project proposal.
  • Be sure that the department or research center has and/or would allow access to any materials and supplies needed.
  • Approved items in the Mini-Grant proposal must be purchased by the mentor through a ledger 3 account (discretionary accounts including startup, PI, professional development, college, department, residual funds, and some internal research accounts, etc.) All original, itemized receipts must be submitted, along with a copy of the approved proposal, budget and acceptance letter, to Dave Cook in the Honors College (FFH 113).
  • In order to confirm the account(s) used for the purchase(s), copies of UAH paperwork, such as approved requisitions, purchase orders or a cardholder summary from the P-card reconciler, are also required.
  • When all documentation is received, reimbursement will be made to the ledger 3 account(s) used by the mentor by means of budget transfer.
  • All items purchased belong to UAH. The student researchers and mentors are responsible for seeing that purchased items are accounted for properly.

Changes to budget

Any change in the items purchased or in the cost of items purchased that deviates from the original, approved budget by more than 10% must be approved by the Dean of the Honors College. The student can request approval of the Dean directly via email.