• To support research or creative experiences that lead to capstone projects for Honors Students in all fields of study,
  • To foster cooperation between students and mentors in a research or creative endeavor,
  • To expose the student to the highest levels of academic or creative work via active participation in a research, creative, or scholarly project, and
  • To further UAH’s research mission through engaging in new and ongoing areas of study and creative work

Participants will be expected to participate to the extent needed to complete the project activities within the 10-week period. These project activities and time commitment are established by the faculty/research staff who will mentor the project. 

The official dates of the program correspond to the 10-week Summer Semester starting and ending dates. However, the individual project starting and ending dates, as well as the contact hours, can be flexible and should be decided individually between the participant and mentor in advance of starting the project. 

Participants can take a Maymester class or classes before the program officially starts, but CANNOT take UAH classes during the 10-week Summer Semester. 

Participants will work under the direct supervision of a UAH full-time faculty member or researcher including tenure earning and tenured faculty, lecturers, fulltime research staff with Doctoral level credentials and term faculty appointments. Under special circumstances, the participant may work with a non-UAH affiliated mentor, but this must be approved by the Honors Dean prior to application.

Participants are strongly discouraged from having secondary employment outside of their HCR project. HCR participants CANNOT be employed by UAH, in any way, during the program period. As for employment outside of UAH, students should not have a job that interferes with the research project, professional development sessions or the final poster session.

The Honors Capstone Research Summer Program will provide $3,750 to the student to support them during the summer. Students applying for this opportunity are responsible for checking how this taxable fellowship may impact their financial aid or other financial standings. No funding is provided to the mentor through this program, but students can also apply for the Honors Mini- and travel grants to cover some of the costs associated with the project.

If needed, students can apply to University housing at the usual rates for summer occupancy. Meals will be available for purchase on campus. Students may use the stipend for meals and housing, if needed. No additional funds will be available.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Current, full-time, degree-seeking Honors College student 
  • Any participant that goes onto Honors probation at the end of the Spring Semester in which the fellowship was awarded must make every effort to prepare themselves to recover their good standing in the next Fall Semester
  • Any major and academic year are eligible, but participants must not graduate before the Fall Semester of the year they participate in the program
  • Participants can take a class or classes in Maymester. Participants CANNOT take a class or classes at UAH during the 10-week Summer Semester.
  • Participants CANNOT be employed by UAH, in any way, during the program period
  • International participants are eligible to apply and must provide proof that they are eligible to receive funds from the Program. Accepted International participants must report to the Office of International Student Services to determine the method of receiving the stipend. Nationality and visa status may affect the payment method and amount of the stipend
  • Participants who apply to the Program are also responsible to check whether the stipend will impact their financial aid or other financial standings
  • Participants must not have any outstanding disciplinary issues
  • Participants must be working under the guidance of a mentor who may be a UAH faculty, research staff, or professional community member. Applications involving a non-UAH mentor must be approved by the Honors Dean
  • Participants should write the proposal in consultation with the mentor, and the final proposal should be reviewed and approved by the mentor before submission
  • Participants can receive this award only once during their undergraduate career
  • Participants selected for this program are also eligible to apply for one Mini Grant and one Travel Award during each academic year
  • Participants selected for his award must be willing to present/publish their work at applicable dissemination events/publications including, but not limited to: the end-of-program poster session, Research Horizons Day, the Alabama System Honors Research Day, Honors recruiting events, other professional symposia. Students participating in this program are highly encouraged to submit a manuscript to Perpetua, the UAH Journal of Undergraduate Research.
  • The participant and mentor should be willing to participate in the summer shadowing program (early June)

Applications are due in early Spring Semester (DEADLINE: third Tuesday in January), and award notifications are made early in the Spring semester. Awards will be given until funds are exhausted (approximately 15 awards). 

Application Materials

  • A one page, single-spaced description of the project. This description must:
    • be understandable to a non-specialist
    • include the project's start and end dates (10-12 weeks between May and August)
    • be written by the student in consultation with the mentor; the mentor must review the application to ensure that all appropriate information is included,  and sign off on the proposal’s accuracy and practicality as a capstone project.
  • Participant’s cumulative GPA
  • One letter of support from the mentor submitted via email to the Honors Dean. The letter should confirm the legitimacy and practicality of the proposed project as a capstone project. This letter must be received by the Honors Dean by the application deadline. Applications without a letter of support will not be considered. 

Please fill out the required fields and upload the proposal.