Honors Forum Schedule - Spring Semester 2010

Mon Jan 11
Introduction to Forum and Honors Program news, Dr. Harry Delugach, Honors Director FFH 138
Wed Jan 13
Dr. Jerry Mebane, Dept of English (Prof. Emeritus), Three Plays of Shakespeare presented by the American Shakespeare Center. FFH 138
Mon Jan 18
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday .. no classes
Wed Jan 20
Robin Lippincott, UAH Distinguished Speaker and Sena Jeter Naslund, Visiting Eminent Scholar in Humanities, Art and Artists in Contemporary Literature FFH 138
Mon Jan 25
Dr. Nicholaos Jones, Dept. of Philosophy, Trolleys and Experimental Ethics FFH 138
Wed Jan 27
Dr. David Williams, President of UAHuntsville, What Does A University President Do? FFH 138
Mon Feb 01
Dr. Krishnan Chittur, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, DNA Detection FFH 138
Wed Feb 03
Dr. Jeff Neuschatz, UAH Dept. of Psychology, The Eyes Don't Have It: Applying Psychological Research to Eyewitness Identification FFH 138
Mon Feb 08
Dr. Richard Miller, Dept. of Physics, Ex Luna Scientia! Astrophysics from the Moon FFH 138
Wed Feb 10
Dr. Royce Boyer, Music Dept. (Professor Emeritus), "Zones" Teaser Event (note room change) Roberts Recital Hall
Mon Feb 15
Wed Feb 17
Mon Feb 22
Yves Le Maner, Director of the La Coupole History and Remembrance Center for Northern France and Professor of Modern History, University of Paris, and Dr. Jens-Christian Wagner, Director, Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp Memorial, Nordhausen, Germany, Preserving the History of the V-2 and of Slave Labor at Dora FFH 138
Wed Feb 24
Discussion FFH 138
Mon Mar 01
Dr. Harry S. Delugach, Honors Director, Where Does Energy Come From? FFH 138
Wed Mar 03
Dr. Don Bowyer, Dept. of Music. New Musical Compositions by Don Bowyer FFH 138
Mon Mar 08
Dr. Rolf Goebel, Professor of German, Why Bach is Good for your Nerves: Philosophical Reflections on Classical Music
FFH 138
Wed Mar 10
Dr. Mark Orbe, Western Michigan Univ., UAH Distinguished Speaker, Diversity and the "Real World" of Reality TV: An Intercultural Communication Scholar's Dream... and Nightmare FFH 138
Mon Mar 15
Spring Break - no class
Wed Mar 17
Spring Break - no class
Mon Mar 22
Discussion MH 200
Wed Mar 24
Dr. Jason M. Smith, Department of Sociology, Getting in with the "Good Crowd": The Effects of Extracurricular Participation in High Poverty Schools MH 200
Mon Mar 29

Dr. Sundar Christopher, Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Monitoring global air pollution from space

FFH 138
Wed Mar 31
Dr. Erin Colwitz, Dept. of Music, The Intricacies of Rehearsal Technique: an hour with the UAHuntsville Concert Choir and their conductor. Roberts Recital Hall
Mon Apr 05
Dr. Eric Fong, Dept. of Management, CEO Labor Markets: The Explanation or Excuse for Increasing Pay FFH 138
Wed Apr 07
Dr. Sarkis Baltaian and Dr. C. David Ragsdale, Dept of Music, Preview and Review: An Artist and Critic Discuss Their Opposing Roles in Upcoming Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Concert Roberts Recital Hall
Mon Apr 12
Dr. Daniel Rochowiak, Assoc. Dean, College of Science, Science and Religion FFH 138
Wed Apr 14
Discussion FFH 138
Mon Apr 19
Student Research Presentations:
 Eric Zirnstein, Computing Hydrogen Energetic Neutral Atom (ENA) Losses for NASA's IBEX Using 3D Models
 Brittany Long, What behavioral effect does recess have on elementary-age students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?
 Taito Eguchi, Differential Expression of N-methyl D-aspartate Receptors of Cyprinidae
FFH 138
Wed Apr 21
Student Research Presentations:
  Rose Long, Significant Ethical Breaches in Modern U.S. Government Contracting and Their Impact on the Federal Acquisitions Environment
  Nathan Meredith, Determination of Polymer Molecular Weight Distributions
  Archie L. Fields III, Realism and Anti-realism in Martin Heidegger's Philosophy of Science
FFH 138
Mon Apr 26
Student Research Presentations:
  Greg Forsythe, Containing Iran: Sanctions and the Iranian Nuclear Program;
  Candice Lynch, HDRNN-Based Machine Learning: Proving the Concept;
  Calli Woodward Thomason, Sound Healing: An Ancient-Modern Comparison of the Uses of Music and Sound for Therapy
FFH 138
Wed Apr 28
Student Research Presentations:
 Reeves Jordan, Heidegger the Magic Empiricist
 Charlotte Ellett, Global Energy Policy
 Pam Terry, Oral Suction Device Safety: Is the Equipment Transmitting Bacteria?
  Alex Witcher, Assessing Clinical Practice to Prevent Ventilator Associated Pneumonia
FFH 138
Mon May 03
Discussion and Course Evaluation. FFH 138