Honors English Seminar

EH 105-02

CRN: 90954

MWF 10:20-11:15 - MH 203

Eric Smith

From the journals of Columbus to Shakespeare's The Tempest and Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe to contemporary pop culture artifacts like Pirates of the Caribbean, the Caribbean archipelago figures prominently in the Euro-American imagination as an object of simultaneous dread and desire (think zombies and cannibals, reggae and calypso). The region has long been characterized by a struggle for political and economic autonomy as well as for cultural self-representation. Familiarizing ourselves with issues relevant to this ongoing struggle, we will examine and critically engage a variety of texts (academic, literary, cinematic, and musical) from which to craft original arguments and develop informed perspectives on this fascinating and yet-unresolved set of issues. Ultimately, our aim is to develop through interdisciplinary engagement with the broadly defined problematic of Caribbean "tourism" the kinds of critical thinking, research, and argumentation skills characteristic of much academic research.