The best way to schedule an appointment is to call our office or stop by. Let the receptionist know if you are new to our office or if you have seen a counselor in the past.

Students must contact our office on their own behalf before we can schedule an appointment. 

Appointments cannot be made or cancelled via email.

Please arrive 30 minutes early on the day of your first appointment to give yourself time to complete required paperwork.

Contact Information:

UAH Counseling Center
Executive Plaza, Bldg 200, Ste 208
Huntsville, AL 35899 

Phone: 256.824.6203
Fax: 256.824.6672


Release of Information

If you want us to release information to a health or mental health professional or others outside the Counseling Center, you must fill out and sign an Authorization For The Release Of Information Form.  All sections on the form must be filled out. If you have questions about what to put in specific items, please call the Counseling Center.

Once you have completed the form, you may hand deliver, fax 256-824-6672, or mail it to our office. 

Authorization For The Release Of Information