About Us

sams-logoStudent-Athlete Mentors, or SAMs, are student-athletes who want to make a difference in their teammates’ and other people’s lives. As part of the substance abuse program, at UAH, SAMs serve as a peer-to-peer resource for other students on their team to help make healthy choices. SAMs receive valuable training in alcohol and other drug-abuse prevention throughout the academic year and learn about educational and professional resources to support their efforts.

SAMs have the opportunity to be leaders; make a difference in the lives of friends, teammates and peers; build skills; interact with other student-athletes and administrators; and assist in creating model prevention programs. They also create a safe, healthy atmosphere for teammates; provide leadership; promote healthy choices concerning substance abuse; give guidance on professional help with problem solving; improve interpersonal relationships; provide extra support for first year teammates; facilitate communication between coaches and athletes; and provide community services opportunities for teams and teammates.

How to become a SAM

SAM candidates are nominated by members the athletic campus community, given an overview of their responsibilities, and invited to join the program. Approximately two student athletes from each team are asked to be SAMs each year.

  • Attend meetings
  • Share meeting information with teammates
  • Volunteer for community service and campus events
  • Help teammates find resources for problems
  • Recognize risky substance abuse behaviors and patterns
  • Suggest alternatives to abusive drinking and drug use
  • Collaborate with SAMs from other teams to exchange ideas and offer support

Resources for SAMs

Jeff Kinard
Director of Sports Medicine

Julie Woltjen
Director of Athletic Compliance

Katie Rhodes, MSN, CRNP
Director of Student Health Services

Other sport-specific resources including coaches, trainers, teach physicians, and academic counselors.