While every effort is made to keep constraints to a minimum, privacy and trade secret concerns necessarily place some limits on complete openness. In an effort to be as open as possible, the UAH Foundation's practice is to detail the central principles for non-disclosure of certain types of information in order to ensure that a specific, clear, and necessary reason is articulated when information is not disclosed.

Privacy Concerns : The UAH Foundation respects the privacy concerns of individuals. Accordingly, it has adopted a structured approach to the handling of personally sensitive information. First, the Foundation does not disclose private information entrusted to it. Examples of private information include wills, personal financial records and trust documents. Second, if donors consent to the disclosure of their biographical information, the Foundation discloses this information for non-university-related purposes if the donor provides an express waiver. Under these principles, information not disclosed by the Foundation includes:

  • Private Information
  • Biographical Information of Donors Who Desire Privacy
  • Gift Amounts
  • Personal Information Regarding Employees

Strategic and Competitive Business Information Constraints : Because fundraising is a competitive and sophisticated enterprise that requires strategic planning and the use of confidential fundraising techniques and approaches, the Foundation is unable to disclose certain information without compromising its competitive position and ability to support the University. For these reasons, the following information is not disclosed:

  • Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Notes of the Board and its Committees
  • Individual Expense Vouchers and Trip Reports
  • Prospect Lists and Prospect Cultivation Plans
  • The University of Alabama in Huntsville Institutional Advancement Database
  • The University of Alabama in Huntsville Alumni Database