Institutional Goals

(June 1994)

1. UAH will provide, through interdisciplinary and traditional academic programs and life-long learning activities, undergraduate and graduate education of high quality to serve the economic, social, cultural, technological, and health needs of the community and region.

2. UAH will seek to achieve excellence in its programs in administrative science, engineering, liberal arts, nursing, and science, and will strive for national distinction in those areas in which the doctorate is offered.

3. UAH will maintain strong programs in the arts and sciences to nurture and stimulate the intellectual and cultural environment on campus and in the region, and to foster balance within the university.

4. UAH will emphasize research that promises to achieve national prominence in areas supportive of its educational mission and in areas important to the economy of the region.

5. UAH will promote programs of space-related instruction, research, and service to enhance its national recognition as a leading Space Grant University.

6. UAH will encourage programs to enhance the academic, social, cultural, personal, and professional growth of the members of its diverse campus community.

7. UAH will enhance student development and success through programs of faculty advising, academic support, and attention to the academic progress of undergraduate and graduate students, and through provision of unique opportunities for student participation in its research and instructional programs.

8. UAH will increase its efforts in recruitment and retention of students, giving special emphasis to the representation of African-Americans and other minorities on campus.

9. UAH will provide leadership for partnerships both on campus and with the community, industry, government, and other educational institutions to further economic, social, and educational development.

10. UAH will seek state appropriations commensurate with its role as a leading research university, and will cultivate additional sources of public and private financial support.

11. UAH will foster a campus climate that respects diversity and pluralism and will maintain its commitment to equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment, programs, and services.

12. UAH will endeavor to provide facilities, library and information resources, and a workplace environment that safely and efficiently support its programs and that are conducive to effective inquiry and learning.

13. UAH will use national standards of excellence in evaluating faculty and programs, and national and regional benchmarks to measure the effectiveness, efficiency, and adequacy of its benefits, services and operations.