UAH Tree Planting Program

On our campus there are more than 300 different trees. Many are unusual and not commonly seen in the landscape or this region of the country. Many of these are labeled for your convenience.

Eventually, the plan is to have on display more than 500 different trees that are useful to the urban forester, landscape professional, and the homeowner. One goal is to acquaint the public and professional with different trees that are successful in the landscape, but not well known, and thus offer a varied palette beyond the 20 to 30 trees that are commonly used in the landscape today.

The majority of trees on the UAH campus have been planted since 1987. Many of the large trees that exist on the campus were here before the inception of the university. The following links point to a comprehensive list of the different kinds of deciduous and conifer trees that can be found on our campus.

References given to a particular tree concerning growth rate, ultimate size, hardiness zones, pest and disease problems, etc. are judged in relation to the climate of the Southeastern U.S. Heat tolerance is a factor which needs to be considered for trees in the South. Overall performance and landscape value for this area is given on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being a poor performer and 10 excellent. These references, however, are not indicative of how well a given tree may or may not do in a different climate, or if it is given other specific cultural conditions.