Artificial Intelligence & Your Business

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Understanding your organization's pulse has become more crucial than ever due to rapid technological advancements, the need for high employee engagement and retention, and evolving customer expectations. Technologies like AI and automation offer significant opportunities but also present challenges that require careful monitoring and skill development. By staying attuned to your organization's pulse, you can effectively leverage technology, support and retain talent and enhance customer experiences, ensuring sustainable success and growth in a dynamic business environment.

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Kristin Weger, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Industrial Organizational Psychology at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Founder and CEO of Cirkle LLC, which provides practical solutions to help clients develop the skills they need to succeed in their professional roles. Kristin specializes in lean and agile leadership development, organizational transformation, operations management, daily and shop floor management, emotional intelligence and behavioral change, and optimizing and digitalizing regulatory processes. With over a decade of consulting experience, she has worked with global clients spanning diverse sectors such as automotive, aerospace, defense, construction, manufacturing, processing, and oil and gas. Kristin is recognized globally for her expertise as a consultant, trainer, and coach in process and leadership excellence. She has trained more than +500 team leaders, supervisors, managers, and executives. As a global master coach, she implements internal coaching programs and develops skills in individuals from the system level to C-level, contributing directly to their professional growth and the success of their organizations. 


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