Model-Based Engineering with SysML: Practical Experience Using CATIA Magic

Monday, April 10, 2023- April 12, 2023 Multiday event - 2 days

8:30 AM 4:30 PM

Wilson Hall



Benefit from this hands-on Model Based Engineering (MBE) SysML course that uses the industry leading MBE SysML modeling tool, CATIA Magic (formerly CAMEO).  Learn a basic object-oriented MBE process and how to apply that process to create all nine of the SysML model-types used to define a system architecture.

What You Will Learn:

  • SysML Use Case Diagram (uc) - Identify use cases that a proposed subject system, must support, along with the actors that have an interest in the use case. This model is used in support of system operational concept development.
  • SysML Block Definition Diagram (bdd) - Model the hierarchical structure of a System's Component Parts. The other SysML diagram types are used to specify each Component Part. For example, the SysML Activity Diagram is used to model a Component Part's desired behavior.
  • SysML Internal Block Definition (ibd) diagram - Model the internal structure of each System Component Part, and show what matter, energy, data flows between those Component Parts.
  • SysML Activity Diagram - Model functional flow-based behavior of a System's Component Parts.
  • SysML Sequence Diagram (sd) - Model the key events/messages that are to be exchanged between a System's Component Parts.
  • SysML State Machine Diagram (stm) - Model the operating states for a System Component Part, and the functional behavior to be performed when in a specific state.
  • SysML Parametric Diagram (par) - provides support for modeling constraints on the System Component Parts to support a wide array of engineering analyses.
  • SysML Requirement Diagram (req) - Show traceability between different levels of requirements (operational, system, component), and show traceability to model elements that satisfy a requirement, and test cases that verify a requirement.
  • SysML Package Diagram (pkg) - Provides a means of visualizing the organization of a complex model into recognizable groups of the different kinds of model elements.

Prerequisite: Undergraduate degree in a technical field, project management, or equivalent experience. Experience in SysML recommended.

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