Writing a GSA Proposal

Thursday, January 27, 2022 The event started -196 days ago

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This presentation covers an overview of the new GSA Schedule Proposal process
from preparation through award and things to consider post-award. We will
address critical factors that must be met for your Proposal to be responsive.

For example -- answers to questions such as:
What’s the first thing you need in order to play?
How do I sort out if a GSA Schedule is right for my company?
What is the advantage of having a GSA Schedule?
What if my company has been in business for less than a year?
Why important to have SAM Registration current and compete?
What are SINs?
How do I determine what SINs are a fit with company core functions?
What if my company does not have the project experience to support a selected SIN?
How do you pull the package together?
What is the Most Favored Customer Pricing all about?
What is Transactional Data Reporting?
How do you submit?
What do negotiations look and feel like?
How is the awarded contract uploaded so that prospective Government Buyers can

You’ll learn to avoid common mistakes made in preparing your proposal and avoid
rejection such as:

Not addressing negatives depicted in your Financials
Rejection of Proposal due to Name on the Pathways to Success Training Certificate
Inadequate support of a SIN as a Project Experience
Projecting Annual sales on the Commercial Sales Practices Form
Improperly Supporting Pricing rates and labor categories
Using a Commercial Price List successfully to support pricing
Inadequate information to support Professional Compensation Plan

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