PhD Presentation: X-Ray Optics

Monday, February 18, 2019 The event started -96 days ago

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Optics Building

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Development of Low Stress, Broadband X-Ray Optic Multilayer Coatings

Ms Danielle Gurgew

The design and development of an in-house X-ray optic multilayer coating deposition system and coating test facility has provided a substantial contribution to research and development of reflective X-ray optic coatings at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). An extensive validation study of the system's capabilities to deposit repeatable, multilayer reflective X-ray optic coatings of various complexities is discussed and the deposition of initial broadband multilayer coatings are presented. Additionally, a coating stress study has been conducted where intrinsic coating stress was measured and characterized for both periodic and depth-graded W/Si multilayer coatings. Several stress reduction techniques, annealing and stress compensation, were investigated for their feasibility in reducing coating-induced substrate deflection. Upcoming astronomical X-ray missions will benefit from these studies because future telescope technologies will require minimally stressed reflective coatings as the optics themselves become more lightweight.


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