Battle of the Nerds

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 The event started -155 days ago

1:00 PM 2:00 PM

Nursing Building


The event will be a relay race type event with 4 events, where several members will be working together to accomplish several goals. There will be teams of 4. The first stop is a Rubik’s cube, it will be close to solved but not in an obvious manner. After members complete this, another member will solve an equation relating to engineering, ie a word problem with an engineering theme. This will be an equation that they could see up to pre-calculus, so everyone would have had a good chance to learn the material. The next piece is a riddle, where they need to draw on the knowledge they have to get the answer. Finally, students will have the remainder of their time during the event to build and test paper airplanes. The one that goes the furthest will get a prize, ASME merchandise and candy.


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Nursing Building

1610 Ben Graves DriveHuntsville, AL 35899

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