QEPO Boot Camp

Monday, August 2, 2021- August 6, 2021 Multiday event - 4 days

8:15 AM12:00 PM


Teaching an online course you put together? Have you completed QEPO? You need to have completed QEPO certification to teach online this coming fall.

ETL is offering a virtual boot camp to get through QEPO in four days.  Click here for a tentative schedule. There will be short (15-30 min) presentations/discussions of particular topics followed by work time to complete the deliverable for QEPO. An example might be an introductory video. Already did that for your course last year? GREAT NEWS! You can use material you developed in the previous courses to fulfill QEPO requirements.

We focus on the structure of the course, not the content. You don’t have to have everything ready for your course to complete QEPO nor the boot camp.  

Please pre-register for event reminders and Zoom link.

The boot camp starts on August 2nd at 8:15 am. It will last no more than 4 hours a day for four days.  Participants may drop in and out as they wish, and will be provided a detailed schedule.  Afternoons from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm may be spent in the Zoom Room working online with an Instructional Designer if needed. The Instructional Designers will be available on Friday to meet with any Boot Camp participant as needed. 


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