Shipping Hazardous Materials

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•    Introduction – Alabama International Trade Center
•    Overview of International Emergency Response regulations: Helping you stay compliant (CHEMTREC - 15-20mins)
o    to support national and international Supply and Transport compliance challenges that will impact your export business.
•    Overview of SDS and labeling requirements and considerations for exports to Europe and APAC (H2 Compliance - 15-20mins)
•    Q&A session 15mins
Webinar Overview:
CHEMTREC has teamed up with international regulatory specialists to provide an overview of the complex emergency telephone number requirements around the world and how you can help your company in supporting compliance.

In this webinar, CHEMTREC strives to make the most complex challenges simple. We will highlight key supply and transport regulations around the world and provide guidance on how to overcome these. A wide range of topics will be covered including the challenges of exporting to Europe and APAC with its perplexing emergency response and poison center phone numbers.
Rich Davey - CHEMTREC
Kevin Hoban - H2 Compliance
Description of CHEMTREC:
Wherever hazardous materials are being stored, transported, and used, CHEMTREC is on hand to offer advice, support, and expertise (in any language) to manage incidents, 24/7/365. Operating globally and used by 30,000 organizations (public and private sector), CHEMTREC has offices in all major regions and their on-the-ground knowledge of local regulations, understanding of local nuances, and appreciation of cultural sensitivities is industry-leading. Key to CHEMTREC’S growth and success is the way the company has united people and technology to manage chemical incidents, along with the strong partnerships they forge with their customers – working collaboratively to create systems tailored to their needs. When incidents do occur, it’s CHEMTREC ‘s priority to ensure employees, first responders, and the general public are protected, and the environmental impact of the incident is minimized. From reducing/lessening the operational and environmental risk to staying compliant and protecting their investments, CHEMTREC’s skill and expertise in dealing with the unexpected is invaluable to organizations the world over.
Description of H2 Compliance:
H2 Compliance, with 20 staff across its offices in Ireland, USA, UK, Finland and Poland, provides Chemical Regulatory Support services to a global customer base. Part of the Landbell Group with 350 worldwide employees, the H2 Compliance consulting group specializes in Chemical Control Legislation worldwide, ensuring their customers can achieve market access for their products.

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