"Likeness and More: The Coloration of Greek and Roman Marble Portraits" with Dr. Mark Abbe

Thursday, November 7, 2019 The event started -326 days ago

7:30 PM 8:30 PM

Wilson Hall

Wilson Hall Theatre

Dr. Mark Abbe, University of Georgia

"Likeness and More: The Coloration of Greek and Roman Marble Portraits"

Today the “realism” of the white marble portraits that survive from Greek and Roman antiquity is frequently associated with their highly detailed physiognomy and apparent specificity, which suggest a relationship to an individual subject. These engaging and often arresting appearances of these sculpted images was defined in no small part by their nuanced lifelike painting and rich polychrome detailing. Although now most of the painting and other forms of color that defined these images in antiquity is lost to us, detailed examination increasingly allows us to glimpse vestiges of ancient polychromy and thereby how the visual language of portraits was defined not by form alone but in combination styles of color and materials varying from lifelike naturalism to sumptuous radiance. This talk presents case studies of marble portraits – royal, imperial, and private – with extant polychromy that, upon close examination, elucidate the original definitions and meanings of their subjects in antiquity.


Free and open to the public.


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