"Time Scales " by Dr. Martin Bohner

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Shelby Center

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Dr. Martin Bohner
Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Missouri S&T

ABSTRACT - Time scales have been introduced in order to unify continuous and discrete analysis and in order to extend those theories to cases “in between”. We will offer a brief introduction into the calculus involved, including the so-called delta derivative of a function on a time scale. This delta derivative is equal to the usual derivative if the time scale is the set of all real numbers, and it is equal to the usual forward difference operator if the time scale is the set of all integers. However, in general, a time scale may be any closed subset of the reals. We present some basic facts concerning dynamic equations on time scales (those are differential and difference equations, resp., in the above two mentioned cases) and initial value problems involving them. We introduce the exponential function on a general time scale and use it to solve initial value problems involving first-order linear dynamic equation. We also present a unification of the Laplace and Z-transform, which serves to solve any higher-order linear dynamic equations with constant coefficients. Throughout, we discuss some recent developments and applications of time scales theory to biology, economics, and finance.


ABOUT THE SPEAKER - Dr. Martin Bohner is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Missouri S&T. Bohner earned his B.S. (1989) and M.S. (1993) in Economathematics and Ph.D. (1995) at University of Ulm (Germany) and M.S. (1992) in Applied Mathematics at San Diego State University. He joined the Institute of Statistics at Hohenheim University in 1995 and was appointed an Alexander von Humboldt fellow in 1997 to spend a year each at National University of Singapore and SDSU, before he joined UMR in 1998. He was hired at Florida Institute of Technology in 2001, but returned to UMR one year later, where he received tenure in 2004 and was promoted to Full Professor in 2008. Dr. Bohner’s research areas include differential, difference, dynamic equations, and their applications to economics, finance, biology, and engineering. He is an author of several books and more than 260 research publications (over 4800 citations), and is Editor-in-Chief of four international journals. His honors at Missouri S&T include five Faculty Excellence Awards and seven Teaching Awards. Dr. Bohner was dubbed an Honorary Knight of St. Patrick in 2006.

 Dr Martin Bohner


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