Teach 2 INCLUDE, an annual conference for faculty in K-12 and higher education institutions across North Alabama, explores the challenges surrounding diversity and inclusivity in the classroom and shares methods for making a positive impact on our community by equipping educators to create more inclusive educational environments for our students.

We invite proposals from educators, faculty, practitioners, and others in K-12 education as well as higher education to participate in the 2024 UAH Teach 2 INCLUDE Conference. We are looking for proposals that examine current research or describe effective practices that connect to the conference theme.

In 2024, the theme will be “Inspiring Change with Learning Technologies.” 

Proposal Guidelines

The Proposal Form must be completed in its entirety and include the following:

  • Title of the Session (a maximum of 15 words)
  • Session Format Requested (workshop, presentation & poster)
  • Abstract - Maximum of 50 words
  • Proposal - Maximum of 500 words (excluding references if provided). It should describe the session objectives and relevance to the conference theme. 
    • Interactive workshops should explain, if possible, how the audience will be engaged in the session.
    • Posters should include a description of the main components to be presented; e.g., the method, the results.

Please note:

  • Proposals will be scored based on the rubric below.
  • Incomplete proposal forms will not be considered. 

Session Formats

Interactive Workshop

An “Interactive Workshop” should engage participants in collaborative and experiential learning in a 60 minute session. Workshop sessions may model a lesson or curriculum, engage participants in reflection and inquiry.


A “Presentation” allows one or more presenters to share their work (such as research projects, innovative curriculum/ instructional methods, programs/ policies, innovative practices, etc.). Presentations should leave time for discussion and last a total of 45 minutes. The lead presenter is responsible for conveying all information to co-presenters.


A “Poster” conveys ideas, research, or best practices in the field of education. The 90-minute poster session will be held concurrent with lunch, giving presenters the opportunity to discuss their poster with other participants.

Please note:

  • Audio-visual equipment will be provided where needed. 
  • Audience participation is highly encouraged.

Deadline for Proposal Submissions 

The deadline for all proposals is 11:59 PM (Central time) on April 1, 2024.

Additional Information for Submittors

  • All proposals must be submitted online through the Teach 2 INCLUDE Conference Proposal Form
  • If accepted, everyone listed as a presenter for the session must register for the Teach 2 INCLUDE Conference.
  • Please direct questions to teach2include@uah.edu.
  • Presenters must register for the conference no later than May 1, 2024.
  • Registration fees (which includes lunch) are:
    • $30 for attendees
    • $20 for UAH faculty/staff
    • $10 for students
    • Free for Alabama World Language Association (AWLA) members

Proposal Evaluation Rubric

The possible range for individual criteria score is 1-5 with 5 being the highest. The Interactive Workshop and Presentation proposals will be scored using all four criteria with the highest possible total combined score of 20. The Poster proposals will be scored on the first two criteria for a highest possible score of 10.

Present, but weak
Extremely Strong
Conference Theme 

No apparent ties to theme.

Has some ties to theme; for example, in content and/or outcomes.

Clearly addresses conference theme.  

Significance of Content 

Issues addressed are not significant.  Does not add to or reinforce existing work.

Reinforces, but does not add to, current research, knowledge, or practice bases in the field.  May shed new light on issues through the perspective(s) it takes.

Timely topic. Rationale is based on current research, knowledge, and/or practice in the field, and adds to one or more of these foundations. 

Audience Interaction & Process of Workshop or Presentation

No attention to presenter-audience interaction. Process is not clear or is incompatible with time frame.  

Some interaction between audience and presenters will take place. Some attention to designing a well-timed and interesting presentation is evident.  

Highly interactive pedagogy or presenter-audience interaction is described. Materials described are relevant and innovative.  

Participant Outcomes

Little or no attention is given to participant outcomes.  

Describes desired participant outcomes, but it is not altogether clear how they will be achieved.

Outcomes are specific and clearly stated. Proposal contains a description of how the outcomes will be achieved.




* Adapted from the National Association for Multicultural Education.

Please email  teach2include@uah.edu for more information.