Teaching Online at UAH

If you are developing an online or hybrid course, you will need to complete the following:

  • QEPO certification – If you have already completed QEPO (Quality Education Practices Online), great; you only need to do it once! Need help fulfilling the requirements? Contact us at helpdesk@uah.edu to ask if you are not sure if you have completed QEPO. Register for QEPO.
  • Course certification – Every online and hybrid course is reviewed when at least 3 modules are completed (including the Getting Started module). It is then cleared to be taught for one semester. After the first semester, the instructor resubmits the course final review. We use the Course Review and Approval Tool (CRAT) to facilitate the review process. For each course developed, the instructor will receive a link to the CRAT for that course and to the Master course in Canvas in which the course should be created.

If you are teaching an online course someone else developed, you will need to complete the E-Learning Instructor Orientation (EIO). This quiz-based training is to help familiarize faculty with the basic principles of teaching online and help them understand how the structure in the online courses at UAH support student learning. It is designed to take 90 minutes or less. Click here to sign up for EIO training.

In line with the federal government guidelines on export of instructional services, UAH students and faculty will be asked to certify prior to registration that they will not access any course or course-related material while located in an embargoed or sanctioned country listed by the Office of Foreign Asset Control.

Faculty will be asked to attest their course content does not include material that will trigger export control concerns. For more information, see the UAH Export Control Policy.

If you are a faculty member at UAH and have any questions about online course development or teaching, please contact us at helpdesk@uah.edu. We are here to help you!