High Performance Technical Computing clusterThe UAH College of Engineering would like to introduce our new High Performance Technical Computing cluster.  This computer cluster is controlled by a single PowerEdge R710 master node with 12 Dell PowerEdge M600 series blade servers. Each blade features Intel 2 X 6core processors with 48GB of memory for a total of 144 CPU cores, and 576GB of memory available for computations.  The system uses a high speed Mellanox QDR InfiniBand 40 Gb/s network for MPI traffic between nodes and has 18TB (17TB usable) disk space storage in the attached storage unit.  

All together, the HPTC cluster compute nodes provide an actual output of 1.35 Tflops (1012)trillion floating point operations per second.  For comparison, the average modern desktop computer will average between 10 and 60 GFlops (109) or billion floating point operations per second.

Some of the software that will be offered on the new cluster will be Gaussian 9, Geant, Mrbayes, Paup, Lammps sparks, Code_Saturne, POM, CFD-ACE+, KIVA-3V and custom code using Intel compilers and math kernel libraries.