Introduction to Engineering Lab (MAE 100)

This lab contains a variety of equipment and projects to introduce students to engineering.

Engineering Graphics Lab (MAE 110)

These are state- of- the- art computer aided drafting & computer aided modeling labs that are furnished with 30+ computers. The lab utilized in freshman through graduate design classes and include the use of software such as Solid Edge, Patran, Nastran, Adams, MathCAD, and Matlab.

Aerodynamics Lab (MAE 200 and MAE 411)

The Aerodynamics Laboratory supports experimental training in aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. The primary equipment is an Engineering Laboratory Design open circuit wind tunnel. The tunnel has a 12 by 12-inch cross-section test section. A variable speed axial fan draws air through a contoured inlet into the test section at speeds up to 100 miles/hr (45 m/sec). Various probes are available for velocity and pressure measurements. A dynamometer force balance measures the lift and drag of strut-mounted models. An electronic data acquisition system monitors pressures and forces. Test models include a pressure cylinder, NACA 0012 force and pressure models, NACA 4412 pressure model, sharp-edged flat plate, and various drag bodies. Other equipment includes a digital barometer/thermometer, water manometers, and calibration equipment.

Instrumentation & Measurements Lab (MAE 311L)

This lab contains computerized data acquisitions systems utilizing NI LabVIEW and Arduino software and hardware. Additional equipment such as oscilloscopes, signal generators and an assortment of transducers are utilized to give the students hands on experience making measurements and interpreting the results.

Kinematics Lab (MAE 364)

The kinematics lab involves the use of precision mechanical equipment used for determining moment of inertia, static and dynamic balancing, cam analysis, Hooke's joint analysis, lateral vibration of beams, and product analysis.

Mechanics of Materials Lab (MAE 370)

The mechanics lab includes determination of selected properties of various engineering materials, use of strain measuring devices, instrumentation, principles of stress and strain, torsion, verification of the Euler equation.

Heat & Mass Transfer Lab (MAE 442)

The Heat & Mass Transfer lab contains various equipment used for determining the thermal conductivity by steady-state method, thermal conductivity of insulators, temperature profiles in solids, and several radiation experiments. Digital Data Acquisition systems are incorporated with each experiment using National Instruments D/A boards and Lab view software.

MAE 455

The Fluid Mechanics Lab introduces the student to experimental uncertainty analysis and statistical data analysis. Experiments include surface tension, nature of viscosity, flow losses in pipes, lift and drag, compressible flow and other fluid phenomena.

Controls Lab (MAE 488)

The Controls and Dynamic Systems Laboratory provides undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to obtain hands-on experience with control and dynamic system hardware. Individual computers are provided for assembling and operating set point and servo-tracking control systems for motors and other actuators, including a scaled-down two-fan rotor craft (helicopter). Software and hardware are in place to add the capability for remote operation and viewing of the control hardware via the Internet.

Computer Lab

This lab contains 18 computers with software commonly used by engineers. The computers are available for students to use and anytime for projects or course work.

Machine Shop

A machine shop services the College of Engineering students when they build projects. The shop is not a service shop for research; but is intended for students to learn how to run the various machines such as lathes, mills, etc. The students use the shop for building parts for their projects. They must take a safety course before they are allowed to run machines.

Projects Lab

The projects lab provides space for student competitive projects like the SAE Formula One racecar, the BAJA car, or the Moon Buggy.


The library is a quiet area for study.