We believe we provide our students with one of the best education in chemical and materials engineering in the Southeast region. Our undergraduate program is ABET-accredited, and we have active graduate programs at the MS and PhD levels. These programs are competitive with those from all other universities in the region, as evidenced by our mission statement and educational objectives.

Our Mission

The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at UAH is dedicated to developing and maintaining undergraduate and graduate programs that educate students in the safe control and manipulation of matter in industrially important chemical and materials systems. The faculty will continue to educate students and maintain its programs by providing intellectual leadership, innovative teaching, university and community service, while conducting internationally recognized research. Undergraduate and graduate programs within the department are continuously refined based on national standards and are designed to encourage interdisciplinary education. Research objectives focus on technology important to the further development of UAH, the Huntsville/North Alabama region, the state of Alabama, and the nation.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the chemical engineering program at UAH are to prepare graduates to be successful leaders in their professional careers and to provide them with the skills needed to contribute to the economic advancement of firm, region, state and nation, and are achieved by:

Gaining a basic core competence in the fundamentals of engineering to be able to identify problems or areas for process and/or product development, analyze alternatives, properly communicate, and efficiently implement changes and improvements. Understanding economic impacts, deadlines and commitments while respecting ethical, environmental, health, safety and security issues. Recognizing that a lifetime of learning is essential for continuous improvement and a requisite for a successful engineer.

Our People

Our faculty and staff are devoted to helping students reach their goals. Our faculty come from a wide range of acclaimed universities and are nationally recognized in their academic and research activities. They are all actively engaged in research projects that involve graduate and undergraduate students.

Our undergraduate and graduate students come from diverse backgrounds nationally and internationally. At the undergraduate level, we continue to attract a large percentage of women and minority students into our program. Our students are active in many local and national programs for chemical engineers, including the local student chapter for AIChE and Omega Chi Epsilon.

Our Location

The location of the university plays a significant role in shaping the experiences you have during your studies and outside of your academic environment.

The UAH campus is in close proximity to a large number of high technology and aerospace industries around Huntsville, many of them associated with NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. We are closely located to major chemical facilities, such as those from Amoco, Monsanto, and 3M in Decatur, Alabama. Support for the department from local industries involved in biotechnology research and development is also ongoing. All of these industries provide exciting opportunities for our undergraduate students to gain valuable professional experience through UAH's strong Cooperative Education Program. They also give our graduate students a chance to interact directly with industrial representatives during their studies and research.

We have many opportunities for students to ``get away'' from their studies for enjoyment. The university is centrally located in North Alabama, in ready driving distance to major cities such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, and Nashville. We are also surrounded by many recreational facilities, including lakes, mountains and the Gulf coast, all in close driving distance.