If you have declared yourself to be a Chemical Engineering Major (i.e. if you are enrolled in ChE 197 for example) we strongly encourage you to meet with your departmental advisor right away to plan your program of study. If you are a transfer student, a file containing details of the transferred courses and such will be prepared by the Office of Academic Advising in the College of Engineering (Room 158). We would then encourage you to meet with your departmental advisor (look at the list) and schedule your course of study.

Checklist Forms

Please download and use one of the following checklists to track your courses.

Update the checklist EVERY SEMESTER! Take a hard copy of your updated checklist and your most recent transcripts to your advisor at every advising session. You can get a copy of your transcript from the Engineering Advising Office or from the Chemical Engineering Department.

Catalog Information

The primary source of information about your program of study is to be found in the UAH Undergraduate Course Catalogs. Please also watch the bulletin board space near the department office for additional information or key changes.