Know the Code
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If you are under 21 years of age, it is okay to be around other people who are drinking alcohol on campus, as long as you are not drinking alcohol yourself.


Though it is unacceptable to use "hard" drugs on campus, smoking marijuana is considered less serious and therefore is acceptable.


As an individual student, the UAH Code of Student Conduct affords you the right to a hearing in order to discuss an incident in which you are allegedly involved. Since you are not automatically considered responsible for a violation of policy when you are documented ("written up"), it is important that you attend this hearing to give your account of the incident.


According to the UAH Code of Student conduct, you must obtain effective consent* from another person prior to engaging any sexual activity with that person. (*Defined as a spoken or otherwise demonstrated "yes").


It is always acceptable for you to turn in the same paper for two different classes, as long as the topics are similar enough and it makes sense to do so.


If you are found using a false identification off campus to purchase alcohol, you will not be in violation of the Alcohol Misuse policy at UAH.


The University has a policy of contacting parent(s)/guardian(s) when a minor student is held responsible for an alcohol and/or drug violation in order to make parent(s)/guardian(s) aware of the disciplinary status for their student.


Upon completing your housing contract to live on-campus, you are agreeing to the specific expectations and policies as outlined in the Housing Handbook established by the University Housing Office.


Residence hall staff members are hired to help reinforce campus policy, and are instructed to simply report the violations of policy that they witness. They also work to create a community that ensures a safe and healthy living and learning environment for students.


It is okay to display alcohol containers for decorative purposes in your residence room as long as they are empty.


If you are in possession of an item in your residence hall that is for the purpose of using any illegal drug, you are in violation of policy, even if the item has not been used for that purpose (i.e. hookah).


Encouraging or participating in hazing activities is fine as long as everyone has consented.


When stopped by a University official, (i.e. Campus Police, Residence Hall Staff, etc.), and asked for identification, it is expected that you will provide identification promptly.


Drinking alcohol under the age of 21 and/ or partaking in illegal drugs anywhere off campus (including other states and/or countries) can be considered a violation of UAH policy.


If a student is found responsible for a policy violation and sanctions are imposed, the finding of responsibility and sanctions are noted on the student's academic transcript.