Global Ties Alabama

Global Ties Alabama manages a number of programs designed to bring the international community and the citizens of Alabama together to participate in the global conversation on important issues.

International Society of Huntsville

The International Society of Huntsville promotes the international community in Northern Alabama through cultural, educational, and social programming.

Interfaith Mission Service

The Interfaith Mission Service is a cooperative of congregations, individuals, and organizations that work together to promote interfaith cooperation, work toward racial harmony, and more.

Alabama Hispanic Association

The Alabama Hispanic Association fosters the welfare of the Hispanic community in Huntsville and surrounding counties by providing services that bridge the gap between the Hispanic community and the community at-large.


AshaKiran is committed to educate, empathize, and empower persons of South Asian and other foreign-born origins while providing services to people experiencing traumatic/stressful situations.

City of Huntsville Office of Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs is charged with developing partnerships, programs and services with local city agencies to create a vibrant and inclusive community.