Student Spotlight - Donda Steen
Student Spotlight

Donda Steen

Professional Studies student Donda Steen "immediately appreciated the flexibility of the Bachelor in Professional Studies degree and soon found out that there was also a great support system in place to assist students returning to the classroom."

We asked Donda about the decision to complete her degree at UAH. See what advice she has for others!

Why Complete a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Professional Studies?

Designed for adults who have prior college experience but have not completed a four-year degree, our Bachelors in Professional Studies (BPS) is an interdisciplinary degree that meets the needs of working professionals and adults; balancing academic rigor with flexibility and value. Upon completion, you will be equipped to communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and apply analytical and critical thinking skills. Attend part time, online, and in the evenings.

What is an Interdisciplinary Degree?

An interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree combines multiple disciplines into one well-rounded program, empowering you to build a tailored program relevant to your personal or professional goals. Learn how to communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and use analytical and critical thinking to synthesize knowledge and information on multi-discipline concepts and problems. Interdisciplinary studies provides a deep, meaningful learning experience that expands beyond a single-discipline focused degree and prepares graduates to assume positions in businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Class DiscussionInterdisciplinary Degree

This was the perfect class to get me started on my journey to my degree.

Kriska Gurley
PRO 301 Fall '17 Participant

Am I Ready to GO BACK?

The decision to return to school can be difficult and the thoughts of going back into a classroom can be intimidating, especially if it has been a while since you took classes. To ease the stress of transitioning back to school, students begin their journey in the Bachelor in Professional Studies program by taking PRO 301: Theories and Practices of Adult Learning. This class focuses on issues unique to adult re-entry students such as motivation, learning styles and strategies, and setting educational goals. Upon completion of this course, students will have learned about the academic support services available to them and gained the skills needed to be academically successful.


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