Programming Languages

Learn in-demand programming languages with instructor led courses and hands-on labs.

Courses available in the classroom or online.

Object-Oriented Programming: A Multi-language Examination

Go beyond the basics of programming by understanding the universal object-oriented (OO) programming paradigm. Strengthen your understanding of OO concepts without the constraints of a particular language.

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Learn Python, a widely used, high-level programming language.  It is simple in its design, yet incredibly flexible and powerful.

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Gain the skills to code in Java, a programming language that produces software for multiple platforms. It runs much like C and C++ but is simpler to use and enforces an object oriented programming model.

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Master programming by learning a powerful tool, such as C++. C++ is an enhanced C language typically used for object oriented programming.

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Discover R, an open-source programming language and environment with powerful and extensive features for data analysis, data visualization, and statistical computing.

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Explore MATLAB, a technical computing environment that can be applied to virtually any problem requiring technical computation.

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Acquire the skills to code, create, and build in JavaScript. Understand how to create HTML5 sites and other interactive websites using this versatile language. 

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HTML5 and CSS3

Understand the new standards and features of HTML5 and CSS3 to create more visually engaging web pages.

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