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UAH Professional Development Solutions, in partnership with the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM®), is proud to announce the ASEM® Certification: CAEM®/CPEM® Exam Prep. This exam prep, written and presented by prominent ASEM® subject-matter experts, prepares the participant to sit for either the Certified Associate in Engineering Management (CAEM®) or the Certified Professional in Engineering Management (CPEM®) exams. These exams are designed for professionals seeking to establish their credentials or validate their skills and experience with a professional certification.

Over the course of two months, participants will appreciate the interactive online training facilitated by ASEM® subject-matter experts, who will assist participants with their learning experience. The course offers lectures and mock test questions reflective of the 11 domains in the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge or EMBOK. 

The EMBOK Guide includes competency areas that were derived from role delineation studies. Professionals, managers, and executives in the field of engineering should strive to acquire experience in these competency areas.

ASEM CPEM and CAEM Certifications.  CPEM - Certified Professional in Engineering Management - For experienced professionals seeking to validate skills, knowledge, and experience in the managementof technical operations.  CAEM - Certified Associate in Engineering Management - For  young tchnical professionals seeking to establish credentials in preparation for early technical management or supervisory assignments.
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The 11 domains consist of the following:

  1. Introduction to Engineering Management
  2. Leadership and Organizational Development
  3. Strategic Planning and Management
  4. Financial Resource Management
  5. Project Management
  6. Quality Management Systems
  7. Operations and Supply Chain Management
  8. Management of Technology
  9. Systems Engineering
  10. Legal Issues in Engineering Management
  11. Engineering Ethics

Participants can sign up anytime of the year and will receive a free membership to ASEM®, a free voucher to take the exam of their choice, and digital copies of all the materials, including the EMBOK. To register, please visit the website at CPS.uah.edu/ASEM.

UAH Professional Development Solutions works continuously to offer many opportunities for job growth and training in a variety of formats including classroom, online on-demand, live-virtual, and customized. For more information about the ASEM® Exam Prep or any other courses, contact Professional Development Solutions at 256.824.4430 or PDSolutions@uah.edu.



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