Graduates of Senior Logistician Advanced Course March 2018

The College of Professional Studies (CPS) and the College of Business (CB) strengthened UAH’s ties to the U.S. Army Logistics community through the development of the Senior Logistician Advanced Course (SLAC). Sponsored by the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4 and the Civilian Logistics Career Management Office (CLCMO), SLAC is a two-week executive leadership program for senior leaders (GS 13-15) from major commands throughout the Army.

UAH CPS works closely with CLCMO to provide the top-tier certification course aimed at building strategic senior leaders with a 360-degree view of the logistics enterprise. SLAC expands participants’ knowledge and strategic view through instruction and dialog with an exceptionally qualified group of senior logistics executives. Dr. Laird Burns, UAH Associate Professor, serves as the Program Facilitator.

Civilian logisticians play a vital role in the Army's global supply chain, supporting Sustainable Army Readiness by creating and implementing logistics policies, programs and plans. Topics addressed in the classroom are supplemented during Industry Day visits to local organizations such as the Prototype Integration Facility (PIF), Software Engineering Directorate (SED), and SCI Technologies, Inc. Participants work in teams on a strategic challenge capstone project throughout the two-week experience. The course culminates with capstone presentations to the visiting Functional Chief Representative (FCR).

Civilians perform crucial duties in support of our Armed Forces, and UAH is proud to assist them in the development of their careers. The third SLAC cohort consisting of 25 participants graduated March 9, 2018, with four more course offerings planned for 2018.



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