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Move beyond making decisions based on averages.

Data analysis is critical to the success of your organization because it provides strategies to make informed, evidence-based decisions. Our training programs will help you deepen your knowledge and step into one of the fastest growing professions.


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pdsolutions moderndataanalytics Fundamentals of Modern Data Analytics
Develop a working knowledge with the grounding principles of data analysis. Learn to interact with data to achieve the best outcome.

pdsolutions machinelearning Structuring Data for Machine Learning
Part of the Machine Learning Certificate
Build on a basic knowledge of SQL and gradually learn to write both simple and complex queries to help select data from tables.

pdsolutions rprogramming Intro to R Programming
Begin with the basic concepts then proceed through file input/output, data analysis, and data visualization. Hands-on, exercises will reinforce your abilities.

pdsolutions hpc High Performance Computing (HPC) Foundations
Learn how to use HPC systems effectively and gain a foundation in parallel computer architectures, cluster operating systems, and resource management.

pdsolutions rprogramming R Programming Fundamentals
Program for effective data analysis using R. Learn to import files, manipulate data, and conduct exploratory analysis. Create data visualizations to answer complex questions.

pdsolutions statistics Basic Business Statistics
Learn to assess statistical claims and conduct statistical analysis. Cover basic measures, probability theory, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.

pdsolutions tableau Intro to Data Visualization Using Tableau®
Learn to create interactive visualizations, charts, and graphical plots via an understanding of data manipulation and statistical analysis using Tableau®. Explore, analyze, and report insights and trends.

pdsolutions sql SQL for Data Science
Build on a basic knowledge of SQL and gradually learn to write both simple and complex queries to help select data from tables.

pdsolutions dave Data Analysis and Visualization
Learn to perform statistical analysis on complex problems, utilizing all available software, to address issues such as best data sources, database maintenance, appropriate tools for this problem, and which format best produces desired results.

Flexible Delivery Formats

pdsolutions classroom format


On the UAH campus, attend public training classes to interact with peers and actively participate in high-quality curriculum while following CDC recommendations for COVID-19 control and prevention.

pdsolutions classroom format

Live Virtual

Stay engaged and interact with fellow participants from the comfort of your home during scheduled online sessions. Courses are instructor-led using video conferencing software.

pdsolutions on demand format

Online On-Demand

Complete a course anytime and anywhere with 24/7 online streaming. Register at any time and take up to 30 days to complete the course. Take 60 days for courses over 30 hours and IT courses.

pdsolutions classroom format


Select from off-the-shelf training offered in the format and location of your choice or let us design training to meet your specific organizational needs. You select the topics, format, location, and times and we deliver the high-quality learning experience.