Frequently Asked Questions

About Us
Can you tell me about UAH Professional Development Solutions?

Professional Development Solutions, part of the College of Professional Studies at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, offers a variety of engineering, management and information technology, cybersecurity and leadership development programs designed to improve knowledge and skill set. We have proudly provided innovative certificate programs for more than 25 years!

How soon should I register for a course?

We suggest that you register at least one to two weeks prior to the course beginning date. Registration for all courses is open until the day the course begins, but many courses fill weeks before the course start date. If a course is full, you can request that your name be placed on the waiting list in case there are any registration cancellations. Please visit Ways to Register for further information on course registration.

What does the registration fee include?

Our fee includes all books, manuals, course materials, lab fees, and parking permits. Only the Interior Design program and Private Pilot Ground School require separate book/supply purchases. Certification exam fees are not included unless a exam voucher option is selected where available.

Will I be required to pay for all courses included in a Certificate Program at the time of initial registration?

No. Payment or P.O. number will be required at the time of registration in each individual course. Registration in all courses at the start of a particular Certificate Program is not necessary.

How do I receive a "Full Program Discount"?

Select certificate programs offer a discounted fee if you register for all courses in the certificate at one time. Choose classroom, online learning, or a combination that best fits your schedule. To register, use the "Full Program" session # along with the # for each individual course, based on your preference. When registering online, select the "Full Program" session # only and CPS registration staff will contact you for individual course information.

What options are available for payment?

Payment is due at the time of registration for each course. You may pay by check, credit card, or by company purchase order. Generally, financial aid is not applicable to non-credit courses. Many employers' tuition plans do cover UAH Professional Studies courses.

On-Site Learning
Will I be required to share a computer with other students in the computer lab for a computer technology course?

No. All computer technology courses are conducted in our modern, hands-on, one-to-one computer labs, which allow each student to have his/her own assigned computer. Our one computer for one student labs facilitates an optimum learning environment where students are able to complete hands-on workshop projects and applications.

Online Learning
Are your online courses self-paced or scheduled with set dates?

Our On Demand format is self-paced and allows you to register for a course at ANY time. Participants have one month (two months for IT courses and courses over 30 hours) to complete the course. Simply view the course presentation and complete quizzes/assignments to earn your certificate.

What courses are available through Online Learning?

We have a wide variety of short courses and certificate programs in online learning format. Please visit Online Learning for complete information.

Certificate Programs
What is a Certificate Program?

A certificate program is a sequence of courses, which provide concentrated study in a specific professional field, allowing you to increase your skills and expertise. After successful completion of all courses in a program or series you will receive an overall program/series certificate.

How do I receive an overall certificate?

To receive your overall certificate, complete the program requirements then submit a certificate completion form available from your program coordinator or our website. This form can be located under Forms and Publications.

May I take only one course in a Certificate Program?

Yes, courses may be taken on an individual basis. Some courses do have prerequisites; please refer to the specific course description.

How will completing a Certificate Program help my career?

A certificate documents a specific course of study and emphasizes your commitment to professional improvement. Updating job skills, increasing professional expertise, and/or gaining knowledge of new technologies can be of great benefit to anyone seeking a promotion, considering a career change, or simply wanting to improve job performance. As a participant in a Certificate Program, you will also have the opportunity to network with others in your career field.

Do I have to take Certificate Program courses in a specific sequence?

Some Certificate Programs are made up of courses that should be taken in a specific order, with subsequent courses building on information learned in earlier courses. However, some Certificate Programs do not require courses to be taken in specific sequence. Please refer to a particular program description and its course listing for specific information in answer to this question.

How long does it take to complete a Certificate Program?

The courses required for completion of a program vary with each program. Please refer to individual Certificate Program descriptions for complete details.

If I can't take a course during a Certificate Program offering, will I be able to take it when the Program is offered again?

Yes. Many courses are offered several times each year. If time or job constraints do not allow you to complete all the courses in a Certificate Program, you may sign up for any missed courses the next time the courses are offered. However, it is advisable to call our office to determine when a specific program might be offered again to determine future availability of a course.

What type of credit will I earn?

UAH Professional Studies (CPS) courses meet requirements for providing Continuing Education Units (CEU). Please note the following conversion rates into Professional Development Hours (PDH), Continuous Learning Points (CLP), Professional Development Units (PDU), and Certified Professional Education Units (CPE):

  • One CEU = 10 contact hours of instruction
  • One PDH, CLP, PDU, or CPE = one contact hour of instruction
  • One CEU = 10 PDH, CLP, PDU, or CPE

Successful course completion requires participants to attend 80% of scheduled class meetings (and complete associated exams or projects, if applicable). Participants receive a certificate indicating the number of CEUs earned.

Continuing Education Units provide a permanent record of an individual's educational accomplishments in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. UAH's use of the CEU follows the accepted criteria and guidelines established by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), which complies with internationally recognized standards of The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Will I receive a grade or take tests?

We do not issue letter grades. On successful course completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Quizzes or tests are given in some courses which are preparatory for professional exams, and in some online learning courses.

Will there be an official transcript or record of any courses I take through UAH Professional Studies?

Yes. An official transcript of your CEU courses and the Continuing Education Units awarded is maintained in the UAH Professional Studies Registration Office. Official transcripts may be ordered by submitting a written request to UAH Professional Studies Registration Office along with payment of $5 per transcript request.