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OLLI at UAH volunteers and staff have worked diligently to provide members a wide array of online courses.  Preview the courses we will be offering this fall from the comfort of your own home!


How to Register for OLLI Online LIVE

An active OLLI membership is required to register for term courses. Become an OLLI at UAH member.

PHONE 256.824.6010


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Please Note

Fall term tuition will automatically be added to the cart the first time you register online.  When selecting courses: $20 will be added to the cart per four-session course or $25 per five-session course.

Cancellation: Members will be notified at least four working days in advance if a course is cancelled due to low enrollment.

Waiting list: If a course you requested is NOT listed, you have been added to the waiting list. Should a spot become available, you will be contacted. Please note: sharing a Zoom invitation for a course with other individuals is not permitted.

Withdrawal policy: No refunds will be issued for OLLI Online LIVE course withdrawals. If you can no longer participate, please notify the CPS Registration Office to drop a course to allow wait-listed registrants to join. Members will be notified at least four business days in advance if a course has been cancelled.

Add Courses

To add a course, log in to your client portal at Osher.uah.edu/OLLIRegistration and follow the registration steps, or call the College of Professional Studies (CPS) Registration office at 256.824.6010 M-F from 9:00 am to noon.


A Zoom videoconferencing invitation will be sent to you one day prior to the start date of your course from the OLLI.info@uah.edu email. If you did not receive the invitation, please contact the CPS staff at OLLI.info@uah.edu or 256.824.6183 M-F from 9 am to 4 pm. Please refer to the OLLI Online LIVE brochure at Osher.uah.edu/Catalog for instructions on how to use Zoom.


OLLI at UAH is not responsible for any damage or personal injury sustained when a member is participating in any OLLI sponsored activities. Membership implies permission to our photo or Zoom video recording for OLLI publicity. If you do not want your photo used, please notify the instructor/photographer in advance.

Please contact our office at OLLI.info@uah.edu or 256.824.6183 if you have any questions or need additional assistance.