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OLLI Summer session is designed for more flexibility by offering courses with varying start dates and lengths, allowing you to select activities that work with your summer plans.  Select from History, Science & Technology, The Arts, and Health & Fitness courses. 

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Journey into the South

6/4 – 25  |  T  |  1 – 2:30 pm  |  C67M1904  |  $49

Journey into the American South! Explore the historic cities in your own backyard and learn more about our present by exploring our past with this special speaker series. Hear from the Principle Chief of the Northeast Alabama Cherokee Tribe, Larry Fisher, as we discover the troubled history of the Trail of Tears and early Cherokee life in Fort Payne. Learn more about the history of the Muscle Shoals "sound" from folk musician Pat Long. Discover how there's more to brewing and distilling alcohol in Alabama than meets the eye from Yellow Hammer Brewery's Ethan Couch. Join Judge Lynn Sherrod as she recounts the history of segregation in the Alabama public school system and its current ramifications on education Participation in upcoming travel trips not required. (4 sessions)

Gain historical insight for upcoming travel trips with this lecture series!


Day Trips

Fort Payne: Treasures of North West Alabama

6/14  |  F  |  8 am – 6 pm*  |  C67M1907  |  $85

Travel with OLLI to Fort Payne, AL! Whether enjoying the beauty of its many state parks, observing the artistry of glass blowing at Orbix Hot Glass, or singing along to the music at the Alabama Fan Club and Museum, Fort Payne serves as a popular tourist destination for many travelers. Price includes transportation and admission to the aforementioned exhibits. Create your own ornament for an additional $38 fee. Cost of meals and souvenirs is not included.

*Approximate Hours

History of the Shoals Sound

6/28  |  F  |  8 am – 6 pm*  |  C67M1908  |  $85

In the 1960’s and ‘70’s, the tiny town of Muscle Shoals was the unlikely site of historic soul, rock, and country recording by everyone from Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett to Paul Simon and the Rolling Stones. Join us as we travel to Fame Studios, the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, and the Alabama Music Hall of Fame for a day of fun and learning. Transportation and admission are provided with course fee. Cost of meals and souvenirs is not included.

*Approximate Hours

Taste of Lynchburg, TN

7/12  |  F  |  8 am – 6 pm*  |  C66M1909  |  $99

The unassuming town of Lynchburg on the edge of the Tennessee-Alabama border is home to one of the most iconic distilleries in the nation. Take a tour of Jack Daniels, followed by a lunch and history lesson at the 110-year-old Miss Mary BoBo’s and visit to Lynchburg Winery. Transportation, admission to the distillery, and lunch are included. Additional $8 fee for wine tasting.

*Approximate Hours


Overnight Trip

Civil Rights Movement in Montgomery (2-day)


Tour the city where history is woven into its very soul: Montgomery, AL. From the Civil War to civil rights, Montgomery gives a keen insight into the history and culture of Alabama. Visit the Legacy Museum, National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Civil Rights Memorial, and Rosa Parks Museum, among others. Transportation, lodging, and admission to museums are provided with course fee. Cost of meals and souvenirs is not included.

*Approximate Hours


Science & Technology

Navigating the Google Platform

6/11 – 13  |  T – Th  |  11 am – 12:30 pm  |  C61M1910  |  $59

Did you know that Google is more than just a search engine? You can also store, sync, and share files with ease! Keep all your work in one place, view different file formats without buying extra software, and access your files from any device. Learn to use the Google Drive platform to enhance your skills with email, spreadsheets, documents, and forms. A Gmail account is required for the course, but can be set up on first day of class. (3 sessions)

APP-Solutely: Phone Applications to Improve Your Life!

7/22 – 24  |  M – W  |  11 am – 12:30 pm  |  C62M1917  |  $59

Are you using your phone to its fullest extent? Your smartphone is your one-stop shop for easy transportation, convenient grocery shopping, money and account management, quick communication, and beautiful photography! Gain the tools to use your phone for every day tasks and learn how your phone can give you newfound freedom and improve your life. Smartphone required for course. (3 sessions)

History of Space Exploration

7/17 – 8/7  |  W  |  1 – 2:30 pm  |  C67M1914  |  $69

NASA, Von Braun, Saturn V, and Apollo 11! These are household names in Huntsville, but how much do you really know about their history? From the moonshot to the Mars rover, space exploration has contributed much to our flourishing city! Learn about the life and work of Werner Von Braun, hear from professionals working to sustain these programs, and find out more about the future of space exploration in the south, featuring a trip to the brand new U.S. Space & Rocket Center Planetarium (fee included). (4 sessions)


The Arts

Art Camp for Adults

6/18 – 7/16*  T  |  2:30 – 4:00 pm  |  C73M1918  |  $89

Looking for a fun and unique approach to artistic creativity? Join us for a hands-on weekly workshop to create your own masterpieces through a variety of different art forms. Zentangle, Gelli Print, Flow Painting, and Brushstrokes are easy-to-learn art methods that will entertain and educate both novice and seasoned artists. Test your skills and creativity in a relaxing, comfortable environment. Fee includes all art supplies. (4 sessions)

*Course will not meet on July 2

Artful Connections with the Smithsonian

6/20 – 27  |  Th  |  1 – 2:30 pm  |  C67M1905  |  $25

Increase your visual literacy in two sessions through this highly interactive, artwork-driven videoconference series direct from the Smithsonian’s Artful Connection. Explore artwork that represents various time periods, styles, and mediums to build a visual vocabulary and interpret visual evidence. Learn how artists use familiar icons such as the Statue of Liberty, the bald eagle, and the American flag to communicate ideas about American culture and encourage examination of our society. Rather than listening, attendees will be able to interact with the Smithsonian, sharing their thoughts and opinions. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity! (2 sessions)

Jazz Music through the Years

7/8 – 29  |  M  |  9:30 – 11:00 am  |  C67M1916 $59

Get an extensive overview of the origins and development of jazz genres throughout history! From its origins in ragtime, blues, and gospel to the birth of big band and third stream jazz, take a journey into the history of this special musical genre. Learn about major artists of the genre, what it means to improvise, and even how build your own iTunes playlist! Discover all the aspects of jazz that make it a great original art form. (4 sessions)

Humor Doesn’t Retire: Improv for Adults

7/16 – 18  |  T – Th  |  10 – 11:30 am  |  C73M1911 $49

Improvise: (verb) to act on the spot with what you got! Learn the fundamentals of improvisation and basic stage acting with activities and games that build confidence, communication skills, and spontaneity. Whether shy or outgoing, free your creative side in a fun and comfortable environment, where laughter is guaranteed! No need to learn lines or rehearse! The rules are simple yet challenging: Say yes, listen and have fun! (3 sessions)


Health & Fitness

Jazzercise–Low Impact (LO)

6/12 – 7/10*  W  |  9:30 – 10:30 am  |  Madison Ballroom  |  C70M1915  |  $49

Muscles, not momentum, drive this 60-minute full body workout. A low-impact (LO), dance-based cardio and strength training, this course is designed with YOU in mind. High impact moves are replaced with hop-LESS alternatives that protect the joints. Receive effective instruction on proper use of muscles to prevent injury and be inspired to live stronger and happier lives by improving your fitness level. All are welcome and encouraged to try out this muscle driven workout—but make no mistake, you’ll leave sweating and feeling accomplished! (4 sessions)

*Course will not meet on July 3

Tennis: Swinging into Summer

6/12 – 7/31*  W  |  8:30 – 10 am   UAH Tennis Courts  |  C70M1903  |  $59

Have you ever wanted to try your hand (backhand) at tennis? Learn about strokes, footwork, equipment, scoring and positioning in a fun environment as part of an enjoyable course designed for all levels of players. Please bring your racket. (7 sessions)

*Course will not meet on July 3

Core and More Pilates


Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength, and develops control and endurance in the entire body. This class puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance. Whether you wish to remove chronic pain from your body, or want to regain lost mobility in the spine, hips and shoulders, you will find this class an excellent resource to improving quality of life. Participants should bring a yoga mat (or blanket) and a towel. (7 sessions)

*Course will not meet on July 4

Gentle, Mindful Yoga

6/13 – 8/1*  Th  |  3:30 – 4:30 pm  |  C70M1901  |  $49

Explore the benefits and practical applications of yoga for health and healing. Using a gentle format, we will combine breath and movement in order to soothe the body and focus the mind. All props are provided, but students are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats and a towel. This class will be accessible to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. (7 sessions)

*Course will not meet on July 4

Helping Hands: First Aid for Adults

7/19  |  F  |  8 am – 2:30 pm  |  C70M1906  |  $49

ADD ON: Optional First Aid/CPR Certification: $15

As we age, accidents, injuries, falls, and cardiovascular issues can become more likely. In many emergency situations, you don’t need special knowledge beyond standard first-aid and CPR skills to help yourself and your loved ones. Understand common first aid medical situations, prepare for possible emergencies, and learn how to perform basic first aid, such as CPR, bandaging cuts, and using Epi-pens. An optional two-year first aid and CPR certification is available for an additional $15.00. (1 session)


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