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Play Ball! The History of America's Pastime

5/5-5/26 • 8:30 - 10:00 am • Eric Hardy

“Take me out to the ball game” is an American staple during the seventh inning stretch of a baseball game. Explore baseball’s remarkable past, taking you from the pivotal year of 1920 through today as an international sport. Gain an understanding of the game as well as the sport’s impact socially, culturally, and politically in America. This course will prepare you to celebrate the return of professional baseball to the Rocket City.

Let's Play Ukulele  CANCELLED

5/5-5/14 • Tuesday & Thursday • 10:30 am – noon • Pat Long

Want to play a musical instrument but don’t know where to start? The little ukulele, soaring in popularity, may be just for you! Learn the fundamentals of strumming, basic chords, playing along with others, and singing while playing. Explore different music genres featuring ukuleles. Those with a little experience are welcomed! Members must provide their own ukulele.

Absolute Beginning Bridge

5/5-5/26 • 1:00 - 2:30 pm • Bob Darnall

Join the opportunity to learn to play the world’s most popular card game. Have fun while you stimulate your mind in a relaxed congenial social environment. Designed especially for the true beginner, members will learn the basics of the game and become ready to play with friends and relatives. This course is ideal for individuals with no or very limited knowledge of the game. The text, Bidding in the 21st Century, will be provided complimentary.


Wrinkle in Time: Perspectives on Race Relations

5/20-5/28 • Wednesday & Thursday • 8:30 - 10:00 am • Linda Lutfi

One would have thought by this point in American history racism would have been eliminated. Take a wrinkle in time by engaging in thoughtful discussions and thinking critically about the world around you as it relates to race. Develop a more complex understanding of the American experience through the eyes of diverse ethnic communities and learn how race intersects with much of our history and culture. Each session will take on different perspectives as members work together to understand the historic struggle against racism, discrimination, oppression and examine the systems that continue to perpetuate inequality.

The 400th Anniversary of The Mayflower Arrival

5/6-5/27 • 11:00 am – noon • Gratia Mahony

Commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage while learning  the history of the ship, travel preparations, reasons behind the excursion and its passengers - a group of people that a remarkable 30 million plus US citizens have descended from. Discover more about the Pilgrims and the native Wampanoag people. Their stories embody the triumphs and tragedies of life in early New England and in the country itself.

Through the Eyes of a Resident: Northern AL Nature

5/6-5/27 • 1:00 - 2:30 pm • Dr. Steve Jones

Through the eyes, lenses and experience of a 50-year professional forester and ecologist, discover the beauty of nearby state parks, greenways, properties of Land Trust of North Alabama, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge and more! Observe and study unique features each one has, wildflowers, tree forms, plants and even the sky. Prior to class, members will need to read 2-3 instructor's blog posts to incorporate in the discussion of this course.


Rightsizing: Preparing for the Lifestyle You Want

5/7-5/28 • 10:30 am – noon • Janet Reville

It seems we all want to get rid of the stress and burden of unwanted "stuff", but haven't the knowledge nor motivation to get started with the downsizing process. From planning to execution, look at the various options and reasons for changing our surroundings for a simpler life. Learn how the instructor started the process of downsizing her own home as well as pointing out the successes and failures along the way.

Exploring the History and Culture of the Culinary Industry

5/7-5/28 • 1:00 - 2:30 pm • Fathia Hardy

Have you ever wondered where the concept of the Culinary industry began? The drive to obtain food has been a major catalyst across all of history, from prehistoric times to the present. Take a journey around the world to discover the fascinating classic food traditions of different regions and eras. Topics will include the revolution of agriculture, food globalization, hierarchies in the industry, table settings and much more!  Conclude the course with live demonstrations of popular food preparation techniques. Be prepared to reveal the development of societies and cultures through the single factor that has driven human life more than any other -FOOD- and greatly broaden your own enjoyment of fine dining.

Breath-Centered Yoga

5/7-5/28 • 3:00 - 4:00 pm • Pam Tejes

Focus on using yoga practices to reduce stress and promote immunity in the body. Postures and gentle movements focused on opening the chest and activating the lymphatic system will be used to release congestion, reduce stress hormones, and support positive nervous system responses. Please wear comfortable clothing and plan a place to practice where you can see and hear the Zoom meeting. Recommended equipment is a yoga mat (or comfortable floor space), strap (you could use a belt from robe or coat), 1-2 firm throw blankets or bath towels, and a sturdy chair that is open (no arms) such as a folding chair.


Explorations in Science and Technology

5/8-5/29 • 8:30 - 10:00 am • Dr. Ken Rex

Discover the wonders of how our world works! Designed to stimulate thought and discussion on topics related to science and technology, explore the best of science and technology using videos and class discussions. Gain awareness of and be inspired by the discoveries of our past, present and future.

Instructor Bios

Bob Darnall grew up in a bridge playing household and started playing at about ten. Both his parents taught bridge and he is following their examples. A retired engineer who worked on Army missile programs, he is a regular at the Huntsville Bridge Center.

Eric Hardy
has over 30 years of experience in baseball, both as a player and a coach. He played professionally in the MiLB with the Iowa Cubs for four years and is currently coaching little league baseball. He is an engineer at TVA Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant.

Fathia L Hardy
has over 10 years in the Culinary industry.  She has been a Supervisor in a Fine Dining restaurant, catering manager at the USSRC, and head chef for her own catering company.  She is ServeSafe certified and won Best Rookie Chef in the Best of Cincinnati showcase.  She loves experimenting with new techniques at home and trying new cultural flavors.

Dr. Steve Jones
is a forester (BS,1973, PhD 1987), author, retired educator (former president of four universities), and Earth steward dedicating his life to leaving this world a better place. His approach to OLLI education is passion-fueled, purpose-driven, and nature-driven.

Pat Long
is a local folk musician and multi-instrumentalist who has enjoyed strumming the ukulele since childhood. One current musical group of which she's a member features a rousing ukulele rhythm section!

Linda Starr Lutfi
holds a MA and BA in Theater and minor in Radio/TV from Cal State, Los Angeles.  She has over 40 years of diversified and specialized experience in teaching and the performing arts.  She currently works at UAB but is looking forward to retirement in order to spend more time with her grandchildren: Malik, Khaysia Starr, and Farrah Starr.

Gratia Mahony
was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She majored in American History at the University of Wisconsin. She is a professional genealogist who has taught numerous genealogy and history classes for over thirty years.

Janet Reville,
a retired certified broker's assistant, spent many hours setting up and maintaining both small and large office systems. As a military spouse of 25 years with 10 moves, organization has been a passion and a necessity at home, in the workplace, and in general. Janet has been an OLLI instructor for several years.

Dr. Ken Rex
holds a PhD in Astronomy and Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He taught physics and astronomy at the State University of New York and worked as a system engineer for Lockheed Martin & Raytheon Companies on Department of Defense radar, submarine, and missile projects.

Pam Tejes
is a certified yoga teacher with over 200 hours of training compliant with Yoga Alliance guidelines. She is a graduate of Loyola University with a BS in Biology, is certified in CPR/AED/First Aid, and is experienced in teaching yoga for all ages.

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