BA or BS in Professional Studies

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The Bachelor's in Professional Studies (BPS) degree program offers students a well-rounded education through an interdisciplinary curriculum with five established concentration areas. Students will expand their knowledge base across an array of academic disciplines to meet their professional and personal goals while learning how to communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and use analytical and critical thinking.

Five Concentrations
Bachelor's in Professional Studies

Five Concentrations

BPS is an interdisciplinary degree program that makes completing a degree from an accredited university convenient for students. Select from five concentrations:

  • Engineering Technology
  • Leadership Strategies and Dynamics
  • Organizational Studies
  • Technology, Science and Society
  • General Studies

General Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA on previous college coursework from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Introductory meeting with BPS staff/advisor.

Program of Study Examples

Engineering Tech Leadership Org Studies Tech Society General Studies

If you have questions about the program and would like to speak with an academic advisor, please contact us at, 256.824.6673, or use the chat feature.

Incoming Freshmen

Applications should be submitted through the Office of Admissions. Each applicant is evaluated based on individual merit and demonstrated success in a rigorous academic environment.

Transfer Students

UAH accepts credits awarded from institutions accredited by one of the regional agencies recognized by the American Council on Education.

  • Credits transferred in from an accredited junior, community, or two-year institution can be applied for up to 50% of the degree requirements.
  • Credits transferred in from an accredited four-year institution can be applied for up to 75% of the degree requirements.
  • Transfer credit may also include American Council on Education (ACE) approved military training. This excludes credits granted through experience.

Technical Credits

  • The BPS program can accept up to 34 hours of technical credits awarded by an accredited institution and will be applied to the student’s plan of study as elective credit.
  • Technical credits count as part of the maximum number of credits accepted from junior, community, or two-year institutions.
  • Technical credit may not be used to satisfy degree requirements such as general education, degree core requirements, or concentration requirements.
  • Technical courses will be articulated as 3 credit hours or less per course. For example, a 5-credit hour technical course will be articulated as 3 hours of credit.