Hope your spring semester is off to a good start.  As we look ahead to a brighter and safer year ahead, please be reminded of two quick Health and Safety tips.


All faculty and staff are expected to complete the Charger Healthcheck every three days, regardless of whether one is working remotely or on campus.  To start or resume use of Healthcheck, go to healthcheck.staysafetogether.org/30

You can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to complete Charger Healthcheck.  

COVID-19 PPE Supplies Available    

Please check first with your department's administrative staff to see if there are PPEs available.  If your department’s supply is depleted, the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS) can provide cloth masks, disposable masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, and wipes while supplies last.  For those staff who are required to use them, they have also obtained a backup supply of disposable coveralls and N95s.  Communicate directly with OEHS via oehs@uah.edu  to schedule a visit to SKH 225 Monday-Friday during their office hours 8am - 12pm.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy Spring semester.