As we charge toward the end of the Fall semester, we would like to share a few pieces of information to help you successfully finish the semester, and begin to look toward Spring. 

Tutoring Blitz.  Although Fall semester has been a bit different, our commitment to student success and support is unwavering. The Student Success Center is once again holding Tutoring Blitz in preparation for final exams. Tutoring Blitz is fully online, Friday, December 4, from 9am to 5pm on.  Visit and click on Tutoring Blitz to schedule your appointment.

Academic Integrity. With the stress of online learning, increase in remote exams, use of technology, and availability of online tools, schools across the country have seen an increase in academic misconduct. Integrity is one of the key tenets of the UAH Creed.  It represents the expectation that students will practice and defend academic and personal honesty. Upholding this value is our collective responsibility. Please be reminded of this expectation as you prepare for and complete final assignments and exams.

Pass/Withdraw Grading Option.  On Friday, November 13, details were provided for the process of selecting Pass/Withdraw grading. A copy of that memo is attached to this email for your reference. As was the case last spring, students will be able to opt-in to Pass/Withdraw grading on a course-by-course basis.  Please be sure to discuss your individual situation with your advisors, the Office of Financial Aid, and your faculty. Please keep in mind that you have until December 18 to request a change to Pass/Withdraw grading.  The opportunity to select Pass or Withdraw will open on December 15, 2020.

Nightly Grade Updates. When we enter the final exam period, faculty will begin posting final grades to Banner, typically within 48 hours after the final exam.  The Registrar’s Office will roll grades nightly so that you are able to see grades as they are entered and make a decision. If you do not see a grade for a given course, please check again later.

Register for Spring Semester.  Even though we are still wrapping up Fall semester, it is important to remember to register for Spring semester. The University will close for the holidays on December 23 and will not re-open until January 4, 2021. Registration will remain open but staff will not be available to assist you during that time. Please be sure to make advising appointments now in order to ensure you have your schedule in place before leaving for the break.

Continuity Plan for Spring Semester. Although we have planned for a variety of class formats for the Spring semester, the best of plans sometimes require adjustment.  If the COVID-19 cases continue to be at a high level, if our hospital system becomes inundated with COVID-19 patients, or if other factors exist that affect the health and safety of our faculty, staff and students, UAH may need to take further precautions.  We have asked that faculty develop a continuity plan for their Spring courses and include a statement in their syllabus that outlines how the course will continue in the event of a sudden change (temporary or long-term) in how the course is delivered.  If changes are required, we will make announcements in advance in order to provide time for adjustment.

Summary of COVID-19 Health and Safety Rules for Spring Semester as of December 3, 2020.  Each of us needs to be personally responsible and minimize our contact with others outside of our work and school environments.  It is important that we continue to take all necessary precautions to minimize our exposure to COVID-19 so that we do not bring COVID-19 onto campus and expose our faculty, staff, and your fellow students.  As of now, the following guidelines will be in place for Spring:

  • Students living in the residence halls and student-athletes must have re-entry testing prior to returning to campus in January. Details will be provided to those requiring testing.
  • Faculty and staff must complete Healthcheck every three days.
  • Students must have a Healthcheck green passport to attend class.
  • All faculty, staff and students must maintain a social distance from the next person by at least six feet circumferentially.
  • All faculty, staff and students must wear a face covering when inside a campus building.
  • All surfaces with which faculty, staff and students come into contact must be disinfected by the individual in the space prior to the start of class and after the end of class.
  • Faculty, staff and students must not come to campus if they are ill.
  • Please remember to continue with personal hygiene of frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer.
  • If at all possible, please respond positively when called upon to participate in sentinel testing.