Students wishing to take advantage of the Pass/Withdraw grading option for Fall 2020 will use their Self-Service Banner account. The steps in the process are defined below.

Please keep the following facts in mind as you make your selections:

  • Some programs such as nursing and teacher education do not permit Pass grading. All students are allowed to select the Withdraw option after seeing their grades. Be sure to speak with your advisor before making a decision.
  • Faculty have until December 15 to enter final grades, but many grades will be available for viewing before then. Grades will be added as quickly as faculty enter them.  If you do not see a grade for a given course, please remember to check again later.
  • You have from 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, December 16, until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, December 18 to view your assigned grades and make changes. This deadline will not be extended.
  • After December 18, all grade choices are final and cannot be changed.
  • For each course you must select Pass, Withdraw, or Keep Grade.
  • If no selection is made, “Keep Grade” is the default selection.
  • You may switch to a P for courses where you earned an assigned grade of D- or higher for undergraduate courses, or C- or higher for graduate courses.  If a course or major requires a higher grade in order to advance to subsequent courses or to graduate, you must have earned a high enough assigned grade in order to advance, even though you receive a P on your transcript. For example, Engineering requires a C- or higher for many prerequisite courses. Before you select this option please consult with your advisor to ensure you meet the requirements for advancing and graduating.
  • You may need to keep at least one graded course to satisfy scholarship GPA requirements. Be sure to speak with the Financial Aid office for guidance on your decision.
  • If you need assistance in determining how the Pass/Withdraw option will affect your scholarship, progress towards degree completion, GPA calculation, graduation with honors, admission to graduate school, or academic status please check with your academic advisor. Find your advisor here


Steps to complete the Pass/Withdraw process

  1. Sign into your account. (Having account issues? Contact UAH helpdesk at
  2. Select the Pass/Withdraw Form link located in the Student Services portlet (box).
  3. Your Fall 2020 semester courses will be listed.
  4. Select a course, then indicate your desired grade at the bottom of the page, then go back to the courses listed, select the next course and make your selection at the bottom. Continue until you have indicated a choice for all courses.
  5. Remember you must make a selection for each course or the grade assigned stands.
  6. Once you have made all your selections, press the Save button.
  7. Select the appropriate term: agree or disagree.
  8. If you agree, select the agree button and your process will finalize. You will receive an email confirmation with your selections.
  9. If you disagree, select the disagree button and the process ends, but you start the process over to make further changes or corrections. You will receive an email saying that you did not agree to the terms.
  10. After you have finished making final selections, check your email account for the confirmation email.
  11. You may revisit the system and make new selections for each course until 11:59 p.m. on December 18.