April 15, 2014

On April 15 2014 a team of UAH Computer Science and Modeling and Simulation students won a technical achievement award in the international “Simulation Exploration Experience” event. In this annual NASA-organized event, teams of students from universities around the world develop sophisticated computer simulations that interoperate, or work together, in real-time to simulate a lunar exploration scenario. Each of the interoperating simulations models a part of the lunar scenario, such as a transport spacecraft, a communications satellite, or a lunar mass driver. The simulations exchange information about their activities at run time via a computer network using the IEEE-standard High Level Architecture (HLA) simulation interoperability protocol to form a single integrated scenario. In addition to UAH, this year's event included teams from the Pennsylvania State University, University of Nebraska Omaha, University of Genoa (Italy), University of Calabria (Italy), University of Bordeaux (France), the Munich University of Applied Sciences (Germany), and Brunel University (UK). The teams demonstrated their simulation live in front of an audience at the 2014 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference in Tampa FL. The UAH team consisted of seven students from the CS 582 Modeling and Simulation II course, taught by Dr. Mikel Petty. The UAH team won the award for “Excellence in Technology Application and Engineering Design” recognizing their excellent use of the HLA interoperability protocol. This is the third consecutive year the UAH team has won this award.