March 6, 2014

UAH student and CMSA Research Scientist Salvador E. Barbosa successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, thereby earning a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from UAH.
Dr. Barbosa’s dissertation was titled “Exploiting Spatio-Temporal Patterns for Event Response Using Reinforcement Learning in a Synthetically-Augmented Environment”. In his research he developed a method using reinforcement learning and digital pheromones to detect patterns in time sequences of adverse events, such as crimes. He applied his method to historical sequences of Somali pirate attacks and Denver business robberies. In both applications his learning method outperformed a domain-specific method used for comparison.
His dissertation committee included Dr. Pete Slater, Dr. Ramazan Aygun, Dr. Huaming Zhang, and Dr. Sampson Gholston. His dissertation advisor was CMSA’s Center Director Dr. Mikel D. Petty.