The Center for Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis (CMSA) is a research and development center at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. CMSA’s work centers on modeling and simulation and systems engineering. CMSA has broad capabilities in both of those disciplines, with special expertise in these areas:

Modeling and Simulation

  • Physics-based modeling
  • Model validation methodologies
  • Spacecraft propulsion modeling
  • Simulation interoperability and composability
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Mathematical modeling and analysis
  • Finite element modeling and computational fluid dynamics
  • Modeling and simulation education
Systems Engineering
  • System-level modeling for design analysis and trade studies
  • Using modeling and simulation in the systems engineering process
  • Systems engineering methods
  • Technical team performance
  • Systems-level spacecraft propulsion system design
Created in 2005, CMSA has already successfully completed over 25 projects. The topics of these projects span a wide range of Modeling and Simulation and Systems Engineering topics. They have been sponsored by NASA, the U. S. Army, the U. S. Navy, DARPA, and others.

CMSA’s staff consists of approximately 25 people, with a core of 10 Ph.D.-level research scientists and engineers, supported by professional researchers, graduate and undergraduate research assistants (UAH students), and administrative staff. Consistent with the broad applicability of Modeling and Simulation and Systems Engineering, CMSA researchers have academic backgrounds in systems engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, physics, astrophysics, mathematics, and computer science. CMSA also regularly engages faculty members from UAH academic departments, who enhance CMSA projects with their special expertise and capabilities.