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FOCUS 2 is a self-guided career, major, and education planning system designed to guide you through the steps of the career planning process. You can use FOCUS 2 at any stage of your education and career planning according to your personal needs. You can utilize FOCUS 2 through the UAH Career Services website. If you are a new user, you can find the information to register, including an access code, in the gray box on the webpage. 


There are two main parts of FOCUS 2, a Career Planning Foundations section and a Self-Assessment. We recommend starting with Career Planning Foundations and exploring the Career Planning Involvement section. You can also analyze your academic strengths and see if you are career ready. The Self-Assessment analyzes your work interests, values, personality, skills, and what you enjoy doing in your leisure time. After you complete each section of the Self-Assessment, you are given a list of careers that would be ideal for you based on your answers. Once the five Self-Assessment sections are completed, you can combine them to get a list of careers that are compatible with you and your interests. FOCUS 2 also allows you to explore different occupations and even compare two occupations side by side and explore what you can do with different majors offered at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. 


Your FOCUS 2 account is personalized to you, so you can save occupations and majors that you are interested in. FOCUS 2 is a very useful resource for students, especially ones with undecided majors. The system analyzes all aspects of yourself and gives you a variety of careers that would bode well with you based off of your results. FOCUS 2 also offers in depth descriptions of different occupations so you can learn about them all in one place.


You can also meet with Career Services to discuss your FOCUS 2 results and learn more about applying them to your college and career experience. If FOCUS 2 proves to not be enough for you to decide on a major and career path, there is another test called the Strong Interest Inventory that Career Services can provide for you that offers an even deeper analysis of interests and strengths to discover suitable careers and majors for an individual. 


Students who are unsure of where to start for choosing a major or career path should start with FOCUS 2! It will give you useful information on what careers would be right for you, which will lead to picking the perfect major and professional position.